Ilimanaq Lodge in Greenland

Ilimanaq Lodge in the Disco Bay | A unique Greenland experience

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Ilimanaq Lodge in Greenland

The biggest news in Greenlandic tourism in 2017 was the possibility to check into Ilimanaq Lodge at Ilulissat Icefjord. 15 stunning luxury cabins have been built and all are beautifully located at the Ilulissat Icefjord. All cabins boast an excellent view.

Ilimanaq Lodge in Greenland
All cabins in Ilimanaq Lodge have an amazing sea view

The settlement's two listed buildings, the administrative building and the store building, have been restored so that they will function as reception and restaurant, but also as a museum and a conference center.

Ilimanaq Lodge ved Ilulissat Isfjord
All cabins in Ilimanaq Lodge are on the rocks, literally speaking

Ilimanaq Lodge is comfort on the rocks - literally

Imagine that you wake up in a nice bed and open your eyes to the sight of majestic icebergs. You step down into the living room, sit on the couch and watch the fishing boats chug by on the crystal-clear water. You enjoy a coffee on your terrace and wave to a whale that blows a nice ‘good morning’ through his blowhole.

If this sounds too good to be true, we are here to tell you that it’s not. In Ilimanaq, you can experience Greenland's glory, even if you are not in shape for an 8-hour cross country hike. Ilimanaq Lodge combines the magnificent nature experiences with luxurious comfort.

The 15 cabins are situated on the cliffs by the water. One side has glass fronts so you can enjoy the breathtaking views from both the living room and the bedroom. Each cabin is a little over 40 square meters (about 430 sq feet) and contains bath, toilet and modern furniture in a rustic, Nordic look.

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Ilimanaq Lodge in Greenland
All cabins have excellent sea view from all rooms

Eco-friendly solar energy from Greenland’s midnight sun

Each cabin is equipped with its own solar panels that supply energy for heating and electricity. The surplus production of electricity from the solar panels is sold cheaply to the local people, so the more you save on water and heating, the more you contribute to giving something back to the local community. The long bright days and nights in Greenland in the summer contribute to the effective utilization of the solar panels.

Ilimanaq Lodge at Ilulissat Icefjord
Ilimanaq Lodge has been built with respect to the locals

The cabins are built in a two-story construction and designed to appear relatively hidden in the area. All cabins feature comfortable furniture in a beautiful design, and you have a private bathroom and toilet in each cabin. Obviously, these modern cabins have flushing toilets, hot water in the shower, and electricity for lighting and to heat the radiators.

whales and icebergs at Ilimanaq Lodge in Greenland
From the terasses you can enjoy icebergs and whales

Panoramic view of whales and icebergs

At the top floor, there are two beds which can be arranged as both a double bed or twin beds. On the ground floor, there is a sofa bed which can accommodate two additional people. The large window takes up the entire facade facing the sea and gives you a beautiful panoramic view on both floors. Regularly, humpback whales swim by, just like the icebergs of the Icefjord are floating by right outside.

Ilimanaq Lodge in Greenland
The 15 cabins in Ilimanaq Lodge are designed to blend into the surroundings

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Ilimanaq Lodge in Greenland
Imagine enjoying this view from your cabin in Ilimanaq Lodge

Sustainable tourism in Greenland

Throughout the span of the project, sustainability has been focused on. The settlement's residents have been consulted and it provides jobs to the village. Hopefully, this project can act as a model for tourism development in the future. In 2010, the settlement had more than 80 inhabitants. Today, it has only 52 inhabitants but the project brings jobs to the settlement.

Ilimanaq in Greenland
Ilimanaq is one of the smallest settlements in the Discobay

Ilimanaq Lodge – a unique pioneering project

Ilimanaq Lodge is the result of collaboration between three parties and it is a pioneering project because we have not before seen cooperation in this manner in Greenland.

The three parties are the Danish fund Real Dania Build, the local Qaasuitsup Municipality and the local tour agency World of Greenland. World of Greenland is a subsidiary of Greenland Travel and part of the Air Greenland group. Real Dania Build is a foundation that, among other things, restores historic and landmark buildings. The two listed buildings, the administrative building and the store building, are restored by Real Dania Build.

World of Greenland has been responsible for the construction of the 15 cabins, while the municipality has improved the village's infrastructure, port access and sanitation.

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