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“There were whales all over – and all the time!”

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The 2019 summer season was a very special year for Asger Pjetursson. It was his second season as a kayak guide for World of Greenland, and it was quite overwhelming for one particular reason: the number of whales.

“In 2018, there was quite a lot of ice in the water just outside Ilulissat, so we saw fewer whales close to town, but in 2019, with fewer ice floes, there were humpback whales everywhere,” Asger smiles, adding: “And it was all the time! ”

Whales can be curious, and the first whale Asger saw from his kayak in 2019 was indeed inquisitive. “It changed direction towards us every time we brought the kayaks out to sea. It came up right in front of us, dived under, and came up right behind us ”. Of course, remains respectful of the giant animals at all times and makes sure that his kayak groups keep a safe distance. “We always keep our distance when the whales are playful and hit the fins on the water’s surface or jump out of the water. Also, we stay close together so that we are easier for the whales to see. ”

“The kayaking trips are the coolest excursions in town. It’s hard to describe the joy our guests and I feel when we return from a trip to sea. The feeling of gliding silently through the water among icebergs and humpback whales is highly addictive, and I can only recommend going on one of our kayaking trips.”

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Asger Pjetursson holds an IPP4 certificate and is in charge of World of Greenland’s kayak excursions.

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