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Drive a snowmobile across the huge snowy landscape and feel the adrenaline pumping in your body!

While the dog sleds have been in Greenland for over 1,000 years, the snowmobiles are a newer invention that quickly gained popularity in Greenland and the other Arctic regions. You can go out on a snowmobile trip in Sisimiut and Ilulissat and it is very exciting. Especially in Sisimiut, there are many different ways to experience snowmobiles.


Snowmobile rides in Sisimiut

In Sisimiut, you can choose between trips at all levels. Whether you are looking for short, relaxing trips or day trips full of adventure. Or something in between. We find what you are looking for in close cooperation with our partner.

There are tours where you drive alone, others where you are sitting on the back with an experienced snowmobile guide driving it. It is even possible to go on a trip, being pulled in a sled behind a snowmobile.

Most people choose an introduction to snowmobiles with a subsequent trip out into the mountains.


Introduction tour with a subsequent trip in the backcountry

You get the opportunity to combine your new skills on a snowmobile with an incredibly nice ride in the beautiful hilly mountain landscape, located east of Sisimiut.

Your tour guide introduces you to the basic driving skills of a snowmobile. You start by driving on a training track and then you are allowed to go on slightly longer, prepared trails. Along the way, you have a stop to get a snack and something hot to drink, and of course, there will be plenty of opportunities to take some cool selfies. This is the introduction tour itself, which is nice to many.

If you want to try a little more, combine it with the backcountry trip.

This is the most popular snowmobile excursion because you get a bit of it all and drive through scenic paths up into the mountains. You go through a hilly terrain with good descents and climbs, which is the most fun part of a snowmobile ride. You get a breathtaking view of the David Strait and the rugged winter landscape.


Snowmobile rides in Ilulissat

In Ilulissat, you can also go snowmobiling with our subsidiary, World of Greenland. You are two on each snowmobile, one of you sitting on the back of the guide. If there is an odd number of participants, there will be one person who will drive alone on his or her snowmobile.

You get an introduction by your guide, and then the guide leads you up over the hills, beyond Store Akinnaq, and into the hinterland. During our trip, we drive over frozen lakes and mountains, from which we get an incredible view of Ilulissat town and the nearby Ice Fjord. If the snow is good, we can drive all the way to where you get a view of the Greenland Ice Sheet.