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Covid-19 – Latest update

Update May 18, 2022

From today, 18 May, there are no longer any restrictions on entry to Greenland. 

There is also no longer a requirement to wear a mask at Copenhagen Airport, Air Greenland’s flights, or Greenlandic airports.

However, we recommend that you keep up to date, as restrictions may come back if Covid-19 again spreads too much in Greenland. Read more about the rules on Visit Greenland’s website.

Safety during your trip

Greenland Travel has a constant dialogue with our Greenlandic business partners. We have issued several guidelines that help them prepare for welcoming tourists again.

Greenland has been following Denmark’s rules since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, Nalakkersuisut / The Greenlandic Autonomous Administration have issued their guidelines in cooperation with the Greenlandic Health Authorities.

What can YOU do to keep Covid-19 out of Greenland? Tourists and other travelers can make their own contribution to minimizing any infection risks:

  • You should only travel if you feel completely healthy
  • Bring your hand disinfectant
  • Open the windows at your hotel room for at least 10 minutes every day
  • In shops: Avoid touching any objects that you do not intend to buy
  • Make sure to purchase travel insurance before you leave

Be patient! Everything from boarding planes and busses to ordering food will take a little longer as additional cleaning is required.

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If you have purchased a tour or a flight with us in the period where flights between Denmark and Greenland are suspended, we will contact you for a change of dates or a refund of your tickets.

You are also welcome to call us or send an email:

Phone:  +45 33 13 10 11

Our phones are open 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM (CET)