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Covid-19 – Latest update

Update November 21, 2021

Only fully vaccinated aged 15 or older can enter Greenland if they do not have a permanent address in Greenland. Children under the age of 15 can enter the country without being vaccinated but must quarantine. Currently, there are stricter rules on domestic trips from Nuuk and Upernavik.

From November 1, 2021, there will be new entry rules to Greenland: The previous requirement for the so-called SUMUT forms is waived, and PCR tests from the following countries will now be accepted: EU countries, Switzerland, Norway, Luxembourg, and the United Kingdom.

People at the age of 15 and above, who are fully vaccinated, do no longer need to be quarantined or retested on arrival in Greenland.

Read more about the rules on the governmental website. Please note that there can be local Covid-rules and measures in some towns in Greenland. Currently, there are stricter rules in Nuuk, Upernavik and the surrounding settlements. They are expected to be in place until 5th Dec, 2021.

What are the requirements for traveling to Greenland from Copenhagen?

  • You must be fully vaccinated, unless you have a permanent address in Greenland.
  • When boarding on a flight to Greenland, you must be able to show a negative PCR test from an EU country, Switzerland, Norway, Luxembourg, or the United Kingdom. This test must be a maximum of 72 hours old from the time of testing
  • Children over 2 years of age must be quarantined unless they have been vaccinated
  • People from certain countries are not allowed to enter Greenland. Greenland follows the same rules as Denmark. You can see a full list of countries on the webpage of the foreign ministry.


Domestic travel in Greenland

Domestic travel: Requirements for departure from Nuuk
People aged 12 or more who are traveling from Nuuk to another place in Greenland must have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Children between 2 and 12 years must present a negative PCR test for COVID-19. The test must be a maximum of 48 hours old on departure.

You are exempt from the requirement for complete vaccination if you travel home from Nuuk, to your educational institution, are traveling as a civil representative, or have to perform your work on the public transport used when leaving. You are considered fully vaccinated against COVID-19 when you have completed a vaccination process and can document this. Even though vaccination requirements are exempt, negative PCR testing must still be presented upon departure from Nuuk. The test must be a maximum of 48 hours old on departure.

Domestic travel: Requirements for quarantine from Nuuk or Upernavik
There are restrictions if you are not fully vaccinated and traveling out of Nuuk or Upernavik. In that case, you must be quarantined for five days and tested for COVID-19 when you arrive at your domestic destination in Greenland. You must then be tested again on the 5th day or later after your departure, and if your test is now negative, you will be considered non-infected. If you do not get tested on the 5th day, you must stay in the same town for a minimum of 14 days in a row before you can travel to another city.

The vaccine requirement does not apply to children aged 0-11 years. Also, the vaccine requirement does not apply to persons whom the National Board of Health has assessed should not be vaccinated. If you have previously been infected with Corona, the authorities can accept a positive corona test that is between 14 days and 12 weeks old as documentation.

Who is fully vaccinated for Covid-19?

A fully vaccinated person is in this case a person who has received both Covid-19 vaccinations and you must be fully vaccinated 14 days prior to departure to Greenland. Greenland accepts people who have a combination of Covid vaccines.

Where can I get tested at Copenhagen Airport?

There are three different options for PCR testing in Copenhagen Airport.
You can pay for quick tests from these two companies. Pre-booking is possible.

Citizens of the Danish Realm (Denmark, Faroe Islands, and Greenland) and persons with a permanent address in Denmark can take a FREE test. Go to the test center outside the Arrival Hall (look for the signs) and line up for a PCR test. The result will be ready after 24 hours.

You CANNOT board the flight to Greenland without the result of your PCR test! If you choose a free PCR test at the airport, we recommend you to visit Copenhagen Airport at least 24 hours before departure. A PCR-test result from other approved test centers will also be recognized at boarding, as long as it is max 72 hours old.


Safety during your journey

Greenland Travel has a constant dialogue with our Greenlandic business partners. We have issued a number of guidelines that help them prepare for welcoming tourists again.

Greenland has been following Denmark’s rules since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, Nalakkersuisut / The Greenlandic Autonomous Administration have issued their own guidelines in co-operation with the Greenlandic Health Authorities.

What you MUST prepare before your departure to Greenland:

  • You must be able to present a negative Covid-19 test on departure to Greenland
  • Your negative Covid-19 test must be max. 72 hours old on the day of your departure to Greenland
  • You must be fully vaccinated
  • You have to wear a face mask from the moment you enter Copenhagen Airport until you leave the airport at your final destination. I.e., if you travel to Nuuk, you will have to wear a face mask until you leave Nuuk airport.

What you can do IN ADDITION to travel safely and to keep Covid-19 out of Greenland.

Tourists and other travelers can make their own contribution to minimize any infection risks:

  • You should only travel if you feel completely healthy
  • Bring your own hand disinfectant
  • Open the windows at your hotel room for at least 10 minutes every day
  • In shops: Avoid touching any objects that you are not intending to buy
  • Make sure to purchase a travel insurance before you leave

Be patient! Everything from boarding planes and busses to ordering food is going to take a little longer as additional cleaning is required.

Attention: Surgical or FFP2 masks are required on all flights

When you fly to, in and from Greenland, it is required to wear your own surgical or FFP2 mask, that covers nose and mouth. Children under 6 are excempt from this rule. The mask is to be worn from arrival at the departure airport to the departure of the destination airport.

You can remove your mask when eating. It is recommended to use a new and unused mask after your meal. In Greenland, you can purchase masks in the shops Pilersuisoq, Pisiffik, Brugsen and others.

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