Experience northern lights in Greenland in winter


Greenland is a great place to watch northern lights (Aurora Borealis)
Aurora Borealis is the latin name best known as northern lights is very common in Greenland and can be seen on a clear dark sky. Northern lights actually occur al year but you cannot see the northern lights in summer in Greenland due to the bright days and nights.

The period to watch northern lights in Greenland
As soon as the sky turns dark in Greenland you have good chances of experiencing this magical phenomena. From September to the beginning of April you can see the northern lights anywhere in Greenland.

Northern lights myths
As with many other nature phenomena northern lights have puzzled many people throughout time giving ways to various interpretations and meanings of the phenomena. It has been said that northern lights means that the dead plays football with a walrus skull. However the scientific explanation is less dramatic.

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