How to work with us

Or; what Greenland Travel Can do for YOU!

If you have tried to organise your own trips to Greenland, you will know it is rarely as simple as just booking the flight/accommodation and issue an invoice to the client.

Planning is essential when travelling to Greenland

A trip to Greenland is something special: The geographical layout as well as the nature still impacts on how people move from place to place.

For example; no towns are connected by roads, you must either sail, fly or hike from place to place. Furthermore, the transport infrastructure is extremely limited, so flights and boat transfers must be booked months in advance!

Greenland Travel will do all this for you – and we work with both FITs and groups!

Our service does not start and end with your customers travelling to Greenland with us.

We want our selling agents to feel confident in working with us from start to finish.

How we can help you sell Greenland

•  Meet us at trade events (currently they are all virtual but one day we will be able to meet in real life!)

•  Order your FREE Travel Trade Manual here – our ‘Greenland in a Nutshell’ sales guide

•  Our booking team have all travelled and/or lived in Greenland. We know the region personally and are always happy to share our knowledge with you!

•  Online training sessions and, (once it is safe again) in-house presentations in most German speaking markets as well as Denmark and the UK (other markets depending on demand)

•  One email to handle all your booking queries;

•  Enthusiastic destination managers and knowledgeable local partners

•  Our prices are either commission based (scheduled tours) or NET (tailored tours)

Our promises to your clients

•  Comprehensive choice of scheduled tour packages and daily excursion options

•  The option to create tailored itineraries if desired

•  Pre-travel information which is in-depth and easy to understand

•  Dedicated destination managers and knowledgeable guides to help our guests get the most out of their holiday

•  We never compromise on quality or safety!

Visit Greenland image bank

We recommend that you use the image bank provided by Visit Greenland, the official Tourism Board of Greenland.

I want to sell Greenland Travel tours – where do I start?

Firstly; determine if your clients are looking to book a scheduled tour or need a tailored programme designed for them.

Booking scheduled tours

Many of our scheduled tours can be purchased by travel agents. You just present our tour to your client and we can usually confirm right away.

Furthermore, you receive a commission on tour packages as well as excursions!

(You’ll need to provide us with proof of your business’ existence e.g. current business license).

You can find our scheduled tours here.

Do check the Excursion Packages that we offer under each tour to see how you can fill the days with exciting and memorable adventures for your guests (these excursions are not included in the package price).

Once we have received full payment for the booking, all necessary travel documents will be sent to your email and you just need to forward these to your client.

Why not become an official selling agent for Greenland Travel?

We would be delighted to welcome you as an official selling agent – and it means you can earn increased commission.

You become an official selling agent by committing to promote our tours on your website, in your sales brochures and/or showcasing them at travel shows.


Contact our Business Development Manager Caroline Achton Friis-Ellis and let her know you have started selling Greenland. She will make sure you receive our e-newsletter every 4-6 weeks. You can unsubscribe anytime!

If you are based in Denmark, Germany or the UK, we also offer the added benefit of a presentation in your office, if you think that would be helpful. For all other markets, Caroline is available for online tutorials, whenever is convenient for you!

How do I book a tour for my clients?

It is very simple: Send an email to and we will book the tour for you or if your chosen tour/departure date is fully booked, suggest an alternative.

Always remember to send us

•  Company name, address, email and phone number

•  Contact person

•  Tour Number (4-digit number found on all tours)

•  Clients names (as it appears in their valid passports)

•  Title (Mr/Mrs/Miss or Dr)

•  Date of birth

•  Gender

•  Mobile phone (minimum 1 person per booking) for the airline booking

•  Meal requests: Allergies (detailed information needed), Vegetarian (include information if they can eat dairy and egg products) or Vegan. Please read this notice

•  Special needs: Disabilities to take into consideration (incl. Doctor’s Permit to Travel if necessary)

Our aim is always to confirm your booking immediately and no later than the next working day.

Please notice that the Greenland Travel office always is closed during weekends.

Tailored tours for both groups and FIT

Whilst our scheduled tours are all designed with the aim of offering our guests as many experiences as possible, we do understand that sometimes travellers want something which is TRULY their own design.

The team in Copenhagen have all travelled extensively in Greenland, some have lived there and of course we often share ideas with our colleagues in the Greenland offices. Therefore, Greenland Travel can create truly extraordinary tailored itineraries for you.

Remember that availability of flights, hotels and tour boats are severely limited in Greenland, so we recommend at least 10-12 months advance booking!

In order not to waste time in the initial planning process – we kindly ask you to establish with your clients the below points BEFORE getting in touch with

What we need to know to design the perfect tailored tour 

•  What do they want to experience? (e.g. Northern Light, Viking history, glaciers, sailing, active holiday or a more sedate pace). Some areas and seasons are better for certain activities than others, so a ‘wish-list’ is good.

•  Is there an area they want to concentrate on? (again, it may impact of the experiences on offer)

•  Any specific interests that may have influenced their decision to go to Greenland?

•  What is the earliest date they can travel and what is the latest date they must be home?

•  BUDGET! This is an important point! Greenland is NOT a cheap destination (see our scheduled tour prices as a guideline). Tailored programmes are usually in the region of EUR5000 per person for a 7-day tour including flights, accommodation, full board and some guided excursions (private excursions at a surcharge)

As we have very close working relationships with both Air Greenland (our parent company) and Air Iceland Connect, all our programmes will include flight to/from Greenland as standard, but if you prefer to take care of this part yourself, we can still handle land operations.

Do you need help?

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions or need guidance in planning and booking.

We will answer within 24 hours.

You can also call us at: +45 3313 1011