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Greenland Travel is the largest travel agency in Greenland. On our website, you will find the largest selection of tours to Greenland. We offer tours during all seasons of the year. Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice. We are here to help you!

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If you are in for a truly authentic Greenland experience , you should try dog sledding in Greenland. Greenland Travel offers packages where you can choose between shorter dogsled tours lasting a few hours and up to adventurous mini expeditions lasting several days. All tours below give you the opportunity to try dog sledding in Greenland.
Aurora Borealis is the latin name for the phenomenon best known as northern lights, which is very common in Greenland and can be seen on a clear dark sky. The world's best northern lights are without question found in Greenland. We can almost guarantee you that you will see northern lights on one of the tours below. The ideal months for witnessing northern lights are October through April.
Your chances of spotting whales on a trip to Greenland are really good. A total of 15 species of whale are regular visitors to Greenlandic waters. Hunchbacks, minke whales and fin whales appear quite often in summer, while beluga whales, narwhales and polar whales hibernate in Greenland during winter. June - August are the best months to spot whales.
The Ilulissat Icefjord in the Disco Bay is by far the most visited and popular attraction in Greenland. Not only because of its obvious beauty but because it is so easy to reach by foot, boat or helicopter. Furthermore, Eastern Greenland has a lot to offer when it comes to huge icebergs and calving glaciers. Below you will find suggestions for tours where you get close to lots of ice!
The Ice Cap covers 80% of Greenland. You do not need to be an extreme adventurer to walk on the Ice Cap. From Kangerlussuaq you can go on one of our very popular excursions to the Ice Cap. From the drop-off point, you only have a 10-minute walk to reach the ice. It is a safe and unforgettable experience. The Ice Cap can be reached from several places in Greenland, but Kangerlussuaq is by far the easiest gateway.
Our highly popular tours, which allow you to choose excursions according to your preferred activities. The nights are comfortable, often spent in hotels or lodges, depending on the place and your own choice. These tours are on an individual basis with local guide service at your disposal. These tours offer you great liberty to create your own itinerary.
On these trips you are accompanied by one of our experienced guides, as the route takes us to small villages and places requiring local knowledge. These tours are suitable for those who wish to discover remote and hidden places. You will be spending the nights in a combination of hotels, coastal ship and lodges in towns with no hotels. These tours are suitable for those who wish to discover remote and hidden places.
A short break to Greenland is a popular way to experience this fantastic place. As soon as you land, you will be overwhelmed by great experiences. You can also combine a short break to Greenland with a stay in Reykjavik in Iceland or with a stay in Scandinavia. There are daily departures from Copenhagen to Greenland most of the year. Experience the Ice Cap, enormous ice bergs, the midnight sun, the northern lights or dog sleighs.
If you are one of those who demand more of their body than it can take, we have trips that are designed to allow you to enjoy great experiences with only a low degree of effort required. Unpacking and re-packing will be kept to a minimum, you stay comfortably with your own bathroom/toilet, there are short distances to restaurants and transportation to and from excursions.
These are our most popular trips. Everyone can participate and bring home great experiences. You are able to adjust the degree of effort required on these trips by adding optional excursions and individual hikes. Nights will be spent at a hotel or similar accommodation depending on availability in the different towns.
These trips offer plenty of active experiences for those who enjoy hiking for full days wearing a backback and with coffee in the thermos. On these trips we will be spending the nights in a mix of hotels and lodges/hostels in the smaller villages. Trips with this degree of difficulty are available for smaller groups led by our experienced guides or for individuals accompanied by local guides.
These trips are for those who enjoy challenging their own strength in order to get to places where nobody else goes. Trips in this category either take place in the summer time – by means of spectacular trekking – or in the winter time – by means of small dogsled expeditions. This type of trip requires a good fitness level.

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