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Weekend in the glow of the Northern Lights in Greenland

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Weekend in the glow of the Northern Lights in Greenland

The dancing northern lights in Greenland are a wonderful sight, and have attracted artists, poets and adventurers for centuries now. It is both strange and engaging, and truly one of the wonders of nature. In order to see the northern lights a clear sky is needed. With a stable continental climate, Greenland’s town and airport of Kangerlussuaq presents a unique opportunity to experience this phenomenon.

The northern lights crosses with the fantastic arctic nature, you have good chances to see muscoxes and reindeers, and you can see the legendary Greenlandic ice cap -  it can hardly get any better than this.

The trip aims at photography enthusiasts who would like to capture the northern lights, so we have included a photo course in which we will show you how to best shoot the northern lights.

Welcome to wonderland!

Weekend in the glow of the Northern Lights in Greenland


This program guarantees you a trip full of experiences. All the excursions are inclusive and a special focus lies on taking a souvenir home from the Northern Lights, since a photography class and an extended northern lights tour are included in the trip.

  • Day 1 Flight Copenhagen – Kangerlussuaq, info meeting and sightseeing

    You fly from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq with Air Greenland. Sit back, relax and enjoy the fine service on board. As you get closer to Greenland, your attention will fall on the Nunatak (peaks which emerge from the ice sheet) and the great ice cap.

    After 4,5 hrs. of flight time the plane lands in Kangerlussuaq, which welcomes you with a fresh cold breeze. A local guide from our local excursion office will greet and assist you with the check-in at Hotel Kangerlussuaq, conveniently located in the same building as the arrival terminal.

    The check-in is followed by the welcome meeting. At the meeting you will receive practical information about Kangerlussuaq, the area and the excursions. Once the practicalities are in place, it is time to experience Kangerlussuaq on a guided tour by bus, which gives you a great impression of the fascinating history and nature of the area.

    Sightseeing in Kangerlussuaq (included)

    Kangerlussuaq is a former US air base. Today, the former air base is Greenland's main airport. The guide will share exciting stories about the origins of the base – from the Second World War to the Cold War – and its transformation into a modern international airport.

    The area around Kangerlussuaq has Greenland's longest road and here we will experience and see several interesting places and encounter the great Greenlandic nature. We will drive to the harbour to enjoy views of the beautiful fjord. The drive also takes us by Kellyville, a small research settlement, 12 kilometres from the airport and through the old base area. We will also visit the local kennel where you will get better acquainted with Greenlandic sled dogs. The scenic drive offers ample opportunity to take in the stunning nature.

    We recommend dining in at the restaurant Roklubben. Roklubben serves the most delicious meals in Kangerlussuaq and around, and it is beautifully located at Lake Ferguson, about 3 miles outside of Kangerlussuaq. For many years it has welcomed both tourists and locals. The restaurant has a laid-back atmosphere and lets you taste the best of the Greenlandic cuisine. Transportation to and from Roklubben is by bus from Kangerlussuaq. The bus is free of charge.

    If you manage to stay awake the first night (remember the time differences), we suggest you to let your eyes wander towards the sky when the darkness falls. The guide usually knows when the northern lights shines the brightest at night and is happy to inform you about these times at your welcome meeting.    

    info Kangerlussuaq is beautifully situated between soft hills and close to the Ice Cap. It is the only place in Greenland where you can experience both reindeer and musk oxen.
  • Day 2 Tundra safari, photography class and Northern Lights tour

    Kangerlussuaq is unique in many ways. When it comes to land-based wildlife, this area counts as one of the top places in Greenland. Especially the muskoxes have a unique and exciting history in the area, not to mention they are truly impressive animals.

    Tundra Safari

    Kangerlussuaq has incredibly beautiful nature and is home to the massive musk ox. We will drive through the stunning tundra landscape in our 4WD truck and the guide will fill us in on the various wildlife in this area. Maybe we'll get the chance to spot musk oxen and learn more about these incredible creatures.

    The musk ox lives wildly in the area around Kangerlussuaq. Whether we can come close to musk oxen, or simply look at them from a distance, is not predictable. But the guide always brings binoculars, so there is a very good chance of seeing these amazing animals and other wildlife in the area. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to explore the stunning nature and wildlife around Kangerlussuaq.

    Dog sledding (optional)

    If you are visiting Greenland between January and April, you have the opportunity to go on a 2-hour dog sledding ride. This old Greenlandic tradition is still a very popular means of transportation north of the Arctic Circle and you will love the sound of the runners against the crackling snow. There will be three people on the sled and rental of warm clothing and warm boots are included.

    Photography class and Northern Lights

    The afternoon is once again dedicated to the northern lights. We begin with a ca. 1½ hrs. lecture about the northern lights and the stars, followed by a photography class which teaches you how to capture the northern lights.

    We continue our tour after dinner. A 1-hour drive along the “ice road” takes us to the spectacular Russel Glacier, where we will look for the northern lights with the ice cap as a background. After 3 hrs. we are rounding up the night with a Greenlandic coffee.


    info Kangerlussuaq is a very good place to see northern lights.
  • Day 3 Trip to the Ice Cap Point 660

    Let’s head towards and on top of the ice cap!

    Greenland Ice Sheet Point 660

    Point 660 marks the spot where you can step on to the ice cap. With a special vehicle, the tour takes us from the city about 20 miles to the ice cap. The guide will explain about the ice and the dynamic moraine landscape, before you will get the exceptional experience of walking on many meters of thick and old ice below your feet. We serve sandwiches for lunch during the tour, which lasts for ca. 5 hrs. in total.
    Later in the evening, we are heading out to search for the northern lights. We are going into the nature, where artificial lights do not disturb our view, and we let the show of the wilderness begin.

    info The Ice Cap is up to 3 km. thick!
  • Day 4 Return home

    With a view on the gigantic and beautiful ice cap and a couple of days full of intense experiences, the tour takes you back home. Air Greenland takes you from Kangerlussuaq to Copenhagen, with your arrival in the evening.

    info Many musk ox's live in the area around Kangerlussuaq

Dates & prices

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Info Flight schedule (local times): From Copenhagen 9.15 a.m. (in February and March at 09:00 a.m.) Return flights normally arrive in Copenhagen at 08.00 p.m.
Please note that departure times are subject to change by the airline.

Included in tour


  • fly
    Flights and Transportation

    Return flight Copenhagen - Kangerlussuaq

  • overnatning

    3 nights at Hotel Kangerlussuaq (private bath/toilet)

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  • måltider

    Breakfast all days
    Sandwich day 3
    Food and beverages on board the Air Greenland flight Kopenhagen - Kangerlussuaq

  • andet

    Tundra Safari
    Photoschool and northern lights tour
    Ice Cap Point 660, inkl. sandwich
    Northern lights tour
    All taxes and fees

Not included

Lunch day 1 and 2
Travel Insurance
Optional dogsledding trip


Practical information

Flight times:
Departure: Copenhagen 9.15 AM (in February and March at 09:00 AM)
Return: Copenhagen 08:00 PM
Please note that departure times are subject to change by the airline.

Luggage allowance:
20 kg of checked baggage
8 kg of cabin baggage (max. dimensions of cabin baggage: 55 x 40 x 23 cm).

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    Peter Simonsen

    Peter has lived in Greenland and further had his own incoming agency in Ilulissat. Peter has been all around the country and you can be sure to get an answer to every kind of request relating to the country.

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