Tasiilaq in Greenland - The Arctic Jewel in East Greenland

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  • Destination Greenland
  • Travel Category Short Break
  • Departure from Reykjavik
  • Duration 4 days
  • Price pr. person from 1.280 EUR
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Tasiilaq in Greenland - an Arctic Jewel

Many Greenlandic towns are beautifully situated in immense nature, but only few places can rival the arctic world that unfolds around the little town of Tasiilaq. Tasiilaq in Greenland is located on the banks of the King Oscar Harbour and encircled by tall, steep snow-clad peaks, the surroundings alone make this town worth a visit.

But Tasiilaq also has all the typical Greenlandic traits that visitors travel from far and wide to experience: icebergs, glaciers, sled dogs, whale hunters, picturesque little wooden houses, first-rate crafts and several small, energetic settlements, which are all worth a visit. During the mild summer Tasiilaq offers some unforgettable boat trips and hikes.

To get to Tasiilaq you have to travel from Reykjavik in Iceland, and we can help you lengthen your stay on this island allowing you time to experience geysers, volcanos and the Blue Lagoon.    

Please note: If you want a longer journey in beautiful East Greenland, you can combine this tour with a tour to the Kulusuk Settlement

Tasiilaq in Greenland - The Arctic Jewel in East Greenland


The framework of this tour gives you an introduction into the life in the small east Greenlandic town. You may decide yourself which activities you would like to undertake above this program – either you may choose to explore the area by yourself or to participate in an organized trip. All options can be booked on-site.

  • Day 1 From Reykjavik to Tasiilaq

    You will fly from Reykjavik to the Greenlandic airport of Kulusuk (Kap Dan), on a small island. The above photo is of Angmassalik seen from Kulusuk. Your adventure begins the moment you arrive: You will be picked up by a helicopter, which will take you to Tasiilaq.

    When you arrive at Tasiilaq, you will be met by our local guide who will help you check in at the guesthouse or hotel. Once you have checked-in, an information meeting is held where the guide will tell you about the town and surrounding area, and about the different excursions available over the next 4 days in this arctic paradise. An update will also be provided on any local cultural events that might be taking place during your stay. 

    Cultural sightseiing of Tasiilaq (included in price)
    The information meeting is followed by at our of the town. On foot the tour takes 2-3 hours, during which we will visit the museum, church and the lively harbour. The guide will tell you the story of the East Greenlanders who were first “discovered” by Commander Gustav Holm on his cone boat expedition just 130 years ago, and which have since been colonised by the Danish state. You will of course also experience modern day life in Greenland.

    info The above photo is of Angmassalik seen from Kulusuk.
  • Day 2 (day 2 and 3) Days on your own in Tasiilaq

    Days on your own in Tasiilaq

    Soak up the peace and quiet, often described by guests as almost shockingly silent with the absence of all noise. You can really hear yourself breathe in this place, with the only occasional interruption being the distant howl of sled dogs. Tasiilaq offers many opportunities to both explore and relax in the stunning mountainous surroundings.

    Excursions in Tasiilaq 

    There are plenty of opportunities to explore the town and surrounding area by yourself. The surrounding nature provides opportunities for shorter or longer hikes, and the view alone prompts lengthy breaks, perhaps spent with a book. Chartered boats are also available for you to sail.

    Tasiilaq offers great opportunities for various highlights. Below you find our recommendations for activities.

    Royal Arctic Line

    The Royal Arctic Line sails a set route with freight and passengers between settlements, and is a traditional way for the locals to travel if they do not want to take their own boat. It is a cheap and comfortable way to travel, although a little slow and leaves little time to spend at the settlements. However Greenland is not the place to be in a hurry. Speak to the guide about opportunities to explore when you get to Tasiilaq.

    Greenlandic stamps

    Greenlandic stamps are some of the prettiest in the world and Greenland is well-known in philatelist circles. Tasiilaq has issued stamps since 1989, and is home to 10 workers from Post Greenland who service customers from all over the world. Visit the post office exhibition.

    The Sermiliq fjord and Tiniteqilaq settlement

    North-west of Tasiilaq island is the small isolated settlement of Tiniteqilaq with just 150 inhabitants. The settlement lies up one of Greenland’s most spectacular ice fjords, Sermilik, which is fed daily with millions of tonnes of icebergs from the Helheim glacier, one of the most productive glaciers in Greenland. It is quite simply an incredible sight. We arrive at Tiniteqilaq in the morning after 2-3 hours sailing. The guide will show you the settlement and we will eat the included packed lunch. A boat trip between the icebergs in the Sermilik fjord concludes an excellent tour and we return to Tasiilaq at the end of the afternoon. The guide stays with you for the entire trip.

    Hike to Flower Valley

    A short hike past the churchyard to the Flower Valley and a waterfall. The arctic summer is short and hectic, and plants only have a few months to shoot, blossom and spread new seeds. Nevertheless, the mountain flora is a stunning sight that always delights botanists (both professional and amateur) every summer in Greenland. The trip lasts a couple of hours and we will bring tea/coffee to drink along the way. The guide stays with you for the entire trip.

    4-5 hours hike to the vantage point

    A wonderful hike in the Tasiilaq hinterland. The Greenlandic nature is both beautiful and rugged, and on this trip where we hike up and down mountains, along lakes and rivers, you will be close to the elements. The view is of sheer mountain peaks and ice-filled fjords. The pace is set to suit all levels, and we will bring tea/coffee and a packed lunch with us to enjoy along the way. The guide stays with you for the entire trip.

    Boat trip to Knud Rasmussens glacier

    They say it is one of Greenland’s most unique glaciers, but come and see for yourself! Knud Rasmussen’s glacier is located much further to the north-west of Tasiilaq and the journey there takes in the Ammassalik fjord, where there are good chances of spotting humpback whales, and the deserted American military base of Ikateq. We will stop within a respectable distance of Knud Rasmussen’s glacier and watch the enormous ice masses. If desired, we can go on land and hike closer to the glacier. We will eat our packed lunch by the glacier. We will return to Tasiilaq late afternoon. The guide stays with you for the entire trip.

    Boat trip between icebergs

    An impressive boat trip out among the big ice, which floats down from the North Pole in up to 10 metre wide icefloes. Among the large ice floes are icebergs that have broken from the numerous glaciers that drop into the sea from the vast Greenlandic inland ice. Ice in all shades of blue and green. Make sure you have spare batteries for your camera and plenty of space on your memory card!

    Helicopter trip to the Mitivakkat glacier

    An incredible helicopter trip over the Ammassalik island with a view of the mountains, glaciers and deep fjords. We will land at 1000 metres on the actual Mittivakkat glacier, which is one of the most visited glaciers by explorers every year. It provides a stunning view of the ice-filled Sermilik fjord.

    info Tasiilaq offers many opportunities to both explore and relax in the stunning mountainous surroundings.
  • Day 4 Flight back to Reykjavik

    In the morning the guide will leave you at the Tasiilaq heliport, and you will take the helicopter to Kulusuk. If there is time, you can hike on foot to the nearby settlement, which is ½-1 hour’s walk from the airport.

    From Kulusuk you will fly to Reykjavik and that marks the end of your Greenlandic adventure for now.

    info Kids playing in Tasiilaq.

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