Easter vacation by the Icebergs of Ilulissat

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  • Destination Greenland
  • Travel Category Individual tour
  • Departure from Copenhagen
  • Duration 8 days
  • Price pr. person from 2.340 EUR
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Easter Vacation by the Icebergs of Ilulissat

White like the snow covering the Greenlandic landscape, and white like the Greenland Ice Cap and the icebergs of Disco bay with its beautiful shades of blue and turquoise. Easter in Greenland is white and beautiful.
Thousands of snow hares inhabit the Greenlandic tundra yet you have to be very lucky to spot one in the landscape. Fortunately, other mammals like musk oxen and reindeer are easier to spot. With or without animals, we promise that the unique beauty of Greenlandic nature will elevate your spirits. People tend to be overwhelmed by its beauty.

300 kilometers north of the Polar Circle, the month of April usually offers lots of snow for dog sledding with mild spring weather (with an average of -8 degrees Celcius) and, if it’s not cloudy, sunshine from 5 AM to 10 PM. It's a wonderful time in Greenland.

Our Easter trip goes to Kangerlussaq for a single night, and then we continue up north to the city of icebergs, Ilulissat. In Kangerlussuaq, you will have the opportunity to go on a trip to the Greenland Ice Sheet – and walk on it - and you can look for musk oxen. Ilulissat offers many possibilities, e.g., sailing trips among the icebergs, a boat trip to the village of Oqaatsut, dog sledding excursions from 2 hours to a duration of several days, hiking to the Ice Fjord, and a lively town with museums, cafes, harbor life, etc.

In Kangerlussuaq you will be staying at Hotel Kangerlussuaq and, in Ilulissat, Greenland's best hotel, the 4-star Hotel Arctic, welcomes you for six nights. On Saturday evening there is an Easter gala dinner at Hotel Arctic with entertainment.

Easter vacation by the Icebergs of Ilulissat


You can choose your own day programs, or you can follow our recommendations by purchasing the excursion package. With the excursion package, you will experience the unique Greenlandic nature through a delightful dog sledding trip, a boat trip to the mouth of the Ice fjord, hiking, and going on a trip to the legendary Greenland Ice Sheet.

  • Day 1 Flight Copenhagen - Kangerlussuaq, welcome meeting, trip to the Ice Sheet (optional)

    Air Greenland flies from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq. This will give you 4.5 hours to prepare yourself for a world that is entirely otherworldly. Along the way, you will enjoy a light meal, a movie and, from far above, the first sight of the Greenland ice sheet.

    Welcome and accommodation

    Upon arrival, you will be met by a guide from our partner company, and they will help you check in at Hotel Kangerlussuaq. You will then attend an information meeting where you will hear more about the area and the excursion opportunities.

    Kangerlussuaq – close to the ice sheet

    Kangerlussuaq is beautifully located between rolling mountains and close to the Greenland Ice Sheet. This is the only place in Greenland with easy access to experience both reindeer and musk oxen up close. Kangerlussuaq is also the only place where you can drive to and step onto the legendary Greenland Ice Sheet which covers about 80% of Greenland. It is a vast icescape where the forces of nature play with their muscles. Take a guided tour of the ice sheet and get wrapped up in the wilderness.

    Excursion to the ice sheet, Point 660 (optional)

    If you have bought the package, it is now time for your excursion. The Greenland Ice Sheet ice lies about 30 km from town, and we drive in a 4-wheel drive vehicle through a stunning moraine landscape. A gravel road will lead us all the way to Point 600 - the place where we make a stop and walk up on the ice sheet itself. Along the way, there are good chances to see reindeer and musk oxen and not least the beautiful moraine landscape.

    info As the only place in Greenland, Kangerlussuaq has easy access for you to experience both reindeer and musk oxen close up.
  • Day 2 Flight Kangerlussuaq to Ilulissat, welcome meeting and optional town walk

    Your trip will continue by plane to Ilulissat. It's a nice flight along the coast, where you can enjoy the view of the beautiful island that is Greenland, its desolate wilderness, and its greatness. On your approach to Ilulissat, the town seems to appear out of nowhere. The colored houses are fighting with the snowy mountains for your attention and, when the plane has landed, you can look forward to the next six days, where you will immerse yourself in a world of snow, ice, winter, and dog sleds - combined with cultural highlights from a very traditional Greenlandic town.

    Ilulissat (formerly Jakobshavn) was founded in 1741 and, today, it is Greenland's third largest town with a little over 4,500 inhabitants. 

    Cultural history tour (optional)

    If you have purchased the excursion package, the first excursion is a guided tour. On the town walk, the guide will tell you about the history of the town, about Greenlandic culture, and a modern life lived 300 kilometers north of the Polar Circle. We visit the fishermen at the harbor, the produce sales people, we pass by Knud Rasmussen's birthplace and the old wooden Church of Zion. You cannot help seeing and in particular hearing some of the many sled dogs around here. Most dogs are tied up outside the town unless they are out dragging their sleds in the nearby terrain.

    info Ilulissat was founded in 1741, and, today, it is Greenland's third largest town with a little over 4,500 inhabitants.
  • Day 3 Ilulissat on your own. Dog sledding (optional)

    Today is all about dogs if you have bought the excursion package:

    Dog sledding (optional)

    The mouth of the Icefjord is an impressive sight in both summer and winter. On this 2-hour sled ride, we drive over the mountain Little Akinnaq for about 7 kilometers until we reach a beautiful viewpoint. The trip goes through hilly mountain terrain, and you will experience the dogs both in front of and behind the sled since they act as a brake when you encounter steep surfaces on the hills.

    The dog sled is one of the greatest symbols of Greenland. A 2,000-year tradition for the Inuit. Not many vehicles have been used for such a long period. Additionally, the basic principle is still the same as it was before the Middle Ages; dogs in harnesses tied to a simply constructed sled out of wood. The experience cannot be explained - it has to be experienced on your own.

    info The dog sled is one of the greatest symbols of Greenland.
  • Day 4 Ilulissat on your own. Hiking to an abandoned Inuit settlement (optional)

    The day today is at your disposal, and the possibilities are many. For example, visit the sewing workshop, where they make souvenirs from sealskin or go shopping at the crafts shops with souvenirs made from tusks, bones, and antlers. 

    If you have bought the excursion package, you can look forward to a hike to the abandoned settlement of Sermermiut by the Icefjord.

    Hike to the settlement at the Icefjord (optional)

    Ilulissat's beautiful icebergs form a beautiful backdrop to the ancient settlement of Sermermiut, one and a half kilometers south of the town. For 4,000 years, successive Inuit cultures lived in the settlement as it was a great place for hunting. Hear the story of the lives and customs of the Greenlanders before the Europeans arrived. On this short trip, we turn around after seeing the the viewpoint from the Kællingekløft, the place where old people would throw themselves off the cliff in times of need.

    Many people ask, “can’t I do this hike on my own?” "Yes, you can do that." However, we find that many people feel comfortable with having a tour guide on their first hikes in the Greenlandic hills. Also, the guide will point to sites of historical interest which may be difficult to find on your own. Finally, it's nice to share the experiences with someone.

    info Ilulissat's beautiful icebergs form the backdrop to the former settlement of Sermermiut, one and a half kilometers south of the town.
  • Day 5 Ilulissat on your own. Sailing to the Icefjord (optional)

    The Disco Bay is one of Greenland's most popular tourist destinations. First and foremost because of the ice but also because of the beauty of the area, the many cultural attractions and the interaction between traditional Inuit life and modern city life. Traditional kayak stands adorn your view but so do satellite dishes.

    If you have purchased the excursion package, today is the time for the most popular excursion in Greenland.

    Sailing to the Icefjord (optional)

    Almost all visitors to Ilulissat choose to try this cruise between icebergs at least once. Every day, more than 40 million tons of ice break off from the Glacier and fall into the Icefjord. This results in huge icebergs that can be hundreds of meters high with up to 70 meters of those visible above the water line.

    At the mouth of the Icefjord, these giants get stranded on the banks and here we have the opportunity to sail among them. It’s an amazing natural experience you will remember forever! Nothing less.

    Gala Dinner

    In the evening, you will attend an Easter gala dinner with entertainment. What the entertainment consists of is a secret, but one thing is certain: It will be a hit among the guests.

    info Every day, more than 40 million tons of ice break off from the glacier at the head of the fjord.
  • Day 6 Ilulissat on your own

    You have the day at your free disposal. You can relax at the hotel, enjoying a book and the splendid view or hike in the area. 

    info In Ilulissat, the Zion Church lies close to the Icefjord.
  • Day 7 Ilulissat on your own

    Today is the time to explore the Ice Fjord on foot. Bring your backpack with some food and warm water in the thermos and spend the whole day at your own pace along the splendid Icefjord, where large icebergs drift towards the Disko Bay.

    info The view of the Icefjord never gets boring.
  • Day 8 Flight Ilulissat - Kangerlussuaq - Copenhagen

    Heading towards Kangerlussuaq, enjoy the last sight of Ilulissat Isfjord from your plane. After arrivial in Kangerlussuaq, you will board the transatlantic flight from Air Greenland, going to Copenhagen with arrival there in the evening.

    info Ilulissat Isfjord is filled with icebergs that break off at Sermeq Kujalleq, the fastest moving glacier in the world.

Dates & prices

Departure Accommodation Guaranteed departure Price pr. person Availability
16-04-2019 Sold out
More info about accommodation
Info Flight times (local times)
Departure from Copenhagen at 11:00 AM and return to Copenhagen with arrival at 9:30 PM.
Please note that the airline may change the departure times.

Excursion packages and add ons

Excursion Package 2019

Excursion Package 2019

Our excursion packages consist of the most popular excursions and are adapted to the day program of your trip. We recommend that you book the package when you book your trip. By booking later, a handling fee of EUR 30 will be added and the package might be sold out.

  • Excursion to the Greenland Ice Sheet by bus, Point 660 (5 hours)
  • City walk in Ilulissat (2 hours)
  • Hike to Sermermiut by Ilulissat Icefjord (2 hours)
  • Midnight sailing at Ilulissat Icefjord (2,5 hours)
  • Dog sledding in Ilulissat, incl. rental of clothes and boots, 2 people per sled (2 hours)
Price pr. adult 460 EUR
Price pr. child (2-11) 395 EUR

Included in tour


  • fly
    Flights and Transportation

    Flight Copenhagen–Kangerlussuaq b/w
    Flight Kangerlussuaq–Ilulissat b/w
    20 kilos of checked baggage and 8 kilos of hand baggage

  • overnatning

    1 night at Hotel Kangerlussuaq
    6 nights at Hotel Arctic

    More info about accommodation
  • måltider

    Gala dinner with entertainment (drinks not included)
    Food and beverages on board the Air Greenland flight Kopenhagen - Kangerlussuaq

  • andet

    2 information meetings
    Towels and bedlinen
    All taxes
    Contribution to Travel Guarantee Fund

Not included

Lunch and dinner


Practical information

Flight times
Departure from Copenhagen 11:00 AM
Arrival at Copenhagen 9:30 PM.
Please note that departure times are subject to change by the airline.

Luggage included
20 kg of weighted luggage and 6 kg of cabin luggage
(maximum hand luggage dimensions: 55 x 35 x 25 cm).

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    Peter Simonsen

    Peter has lived in Greenland and further had his own incoming agency in Ilulissat. Peter has been all around the country and you can be sure to get an answer to every kind of request relating to the country.

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