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Camp Ice Cap in Kangerlussuaq in Greenland for the Adventurous Traveller

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Camp Ice Cap in Kangerlussuaq in Greenland for the Adventurous Traveller

On this new 4-day trip from Iceland to Kangerlussuaq in Greenland, you will get an experience that most people won’t be able to brag about: An overnight stay on the Greenland Ice Cap! You will actually stay in expedition tents right on top of the immense icescape. Imagine experiencing the great outdoor adventure for both children and adults! Running around under a clear blue sky where the rays of the midnight sun will reach you and are reflected by the ice and the crystal blue ice lakes on the Ice Cap  – this is where you will hike and spend the night.

The trip includes a welcome dinner as well as a night out with a big Greenlandic buffet with all kinds of local delicacies and you will also get to go on a sightseeing trip into the Arctic tundra on the lookout for musk oxen and reindeer.

"The greatest experience of my life was when I tried to stay overnight in a simple tent on the ice cap near Kangerlussuaq in Greenland." Michael Kolbe, Travel Consultant
Camp Ice Cap in Kangerlussuaq in Greenland for the Adventurous Traveller


The idea of this trip is to let you experience the Ice Cap up close but it also gives you the chance to explore Kangerlussuaq and its surrounding.

  • Day 1 Flight from Keflavik (Reykjavik Int. Airport) to Kangerlussuaq. Welcome meeting and dinner

    You fly from Reykjavik in Iceland to Kangerlussuaq in Greenland with the Icelandic airline Air Iceland. As the aircraft approaches Greenland, the sight of nunataks protruding the Ice Cap and the enormous ice desert indicate the size of Greenland, the world’s biggest island.

    Arriving late on a summer afternoon, you will be greeted by the summer air of Kangerlussuaq. A guide from the local tour office World of Greenland - Arctic Circle will meet you upon arrival and help you to check in at the cozy Old Camp, where you will stay when you are not sleeping in tents on the Ice Cap.

    After check-in, you will gather with the other travelers and will go to the restaurant Roklubben for your welcome meeting and welcome dinner. Roklubben is the Danish term for The Rowing Club and the restaurant is situated 5K from the airport at the edge of the beautiful Lake Ferguson. Here, you will get further information about the exciting Kangerlussuaq area and its many options. After dinner, you will be taken back to Old Camp. This being a summer night in Greenland, it will be light outside until very late. We are below the Polar Circle so Kangerlussuaq doesn’t offer midnight sun but it’s still light outside almost 24/7.

    info You will see the enormous Ice Cap as you approach Kangerlussuaq (Photo: Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland)
  • Day 2 Overnight trip to the Ice Cap

    The Greenland Ice Cap covers more than 80 % of the country and nowhere but in Antarctica will you find this much ice in one place. The Ice Cap is 30 kilometers away and the ride there in big specially built vehicles will take you through a beautiful and ever-changing landscape. While you will have green hills on one side, you will get to see an Arctic desert on the side of the truck, complete with tiny tornados that will whirl up the sand. Arriving at the edge of the Ice Cap, we walk from here up onto the beautiful icescape.

    We pick you up around noon and the guide will go through the equipment and prepare you for this exciting experience. Point 660 is our starting point for the ice cap ‘mini-expedition’. We put on the backpack and head out on the ice. The ice cap is an extreme place on Earth, but the area where we will hike is relatively flat and completely stable. If it’s slippery we will wear crampons and use hiking poles, but that is usually not the case as the weather most often is very stable at this time of the year. We start off on a hike of about 2 hours, while we begin to understand what fascinated explorers to cross the ice cap.

    After we arrive and get settled into the tents, it’s time for a coffee or tea break complete with something sweet. If the weather and we are up to it, we will do an evening hike and enjoy the adventure of the ice. If you ever needed a camera, now would be that time: the ice cap bathed in midnight sun makes for breathtaking photos!

    Late evening we will prepare our "Travel Lunch" dinner, a surprisingly good freeze dried pre-made meal, where you only add hot water. According to Greenlandic tradition we gather in our large mess tent and share anecdotes. After many impressions, we deserve a good nights sleep in our comfortable & warm sleeping bags. And, in case you are wondering, yes, there is a "toilet tent" with basic facilities in the camp.

    info Life on the Ice Cap is almost surreal (Photo: Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland)
  • Day 3 Fun on the Ice Cap

    A new and glorious day on the Ice Cap is ahead of us. After breakfast, we venture out into the ice sculptured landscape. Depending on the weather, our hike today will take us towards the Russell Glacier. On our way across the ice fields, we see the many blue and clear melt water streams that are created each year on the Ice Cap in summer.

    Get closer to the Russell Glacier, we will be able to get an impression of the huge crevasses but, obviously, from a safe distance. These crevasses are the reason that, eventually, the glacier will calve. We bring crampons and hiking poles but not rope, since we will be staying on safe terrain during the entire hike.

    Depending on weather conditions, lunch is enjoyed along the hike or in the camp. In the afternoon, we pack up our camp and head back to the hills, where we will be picked up and, in the evening, we will be back in Kangerlussuaq.

    At night we will go back to Restaurant Roklubben once again, this time to try out their famous Greenlandic buffet. It is an incredible feast with over 30 different dishes made almost entirely from Greenlandic products. The dishes include shrimp, fish, smoked musk ox and reindeer, mattak (a traditional Greenlandic delicacy made from the fatty skin from typically the narwhal and beluga whales), scallops, fried musk ox and reindeer, homemade cake and a much more.

    info Crampons on the Ice Cap (Photo: Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland)
  • Day 4 Tundra safari, Sightseeing by bus and flight to Keflavik

    Your last day in Greenland is almost a full day so you have many opportunities for adventure. Today you will go on a tour of the tundra and the Kangerlussuaq area. Kangerlusssuaq offers an incredibly beautiful nature and is home to the massive musk oxen. We will drive through the tundra landscapes in a four-wheel driven truck, and the guide will tell us all about the varied wildlife in this area. If we are lucky, we will get the chance to spot musk oxen and learn more about these incredible creatures. The musk ox lives wildly in the area around Kangerlussuaq and, therefore, it is really difficult to predict whether we will get close to them or observe them from a distance. The guide will bring binoculars, so there is a good chance of seeing these musk oxen and possibly other wildlife.

    There’s a museum, several shops and a supermarket and in the summertime it’s possible to rent mountain bikes and go exploring.

    The Kangerlussuaq area is the only inhabited place in Greenland’s inland –all other towns are situated along the coast of Greenland. The climate is continental with very stable weather conditions. Originally, this was also the main reason the Americans chose this place for their base. If you go for a walk in the area, there are still remnants to see from that time.

    There are lots of roads around Kangerlussuaq that you can explore on your own. The town itself with its curious remnants of the American military base that used to be situated here, the river delta, the surroundings hills and mountains – and obviously the Ice Cap which can be reached in many ways.

    In the early evening it’s time for you to back to Iceland.

    info The musk oxen live around Kangerlussuaq (Photo: Dan Bach Kristensen - Visit Greenland)

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Info Flight schedule (local times):
Departure from Keflavik International Airport 17.25 (NY5491).
Return flight arrives at Keflavik International Airport 23.25 (NY5492).
Please note that departure times are subject to change by the airline.
Children aged 2-11 pay EUR 1,140 in a shared double bedroom.

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    Flights and Transportation

    Return flight Keflavik - Kangerlussuaq
    Tranportation to the Ice Cap return
    20 kg of checked baggage and 6 kg of cabin baggage

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    2 nights at Old Camp (shared bath/toilet)
    1 night in Camp Ice Cap

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    Welcome dinner (excl. beverages)
    Greenlandic buffet (excl. beverages)
    Fullboard on 2-day tour to Camp Ice Cap

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    2-day tour to Camp Ice Cap with tent, sleeping bag, guide and transportation to/from the Icecap included.
    Tundra Excursion
    Sightseeing with bus
    Welcome meeting*
    All taxes
    *Local tour guides are English speaking

Not included

Travel Insurance
Lunch day 4
Hiking boots (we use crampons, so shoes are not sufficient), back pack (can be rented) See also the packing list for this trip.


Practical information

Flight schedule (local times):
Departure from Keflavik International Airport (Reykjavik) at 05.25 p.m. Return flight arrives at Keflavik International Airport (Reykjavik) at 11.25 p.m. Please note that departure times are subject to change by the airline.

Luggage included:
20 kg of checked baggage and 6 kg of cabin baggage (max. dimensions of cabin baggage: 55 x 35 x 25 cm).

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