Greenland Travel today cooperates with agencies from all over the World

Greenland Travel today cooperates with agencies from all over the World

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Greenland Travel today cooperates with agencies from all over the World. We see an increasing interest for our cold destinations with nature attractions you don’t find as good anywhere in the world. Especially Northern Lights in Greenland – due to clear sky and dry climate – and the UNESCO SITE Ilulissat Icefiord with the gigantic icebergs are very popular these years.

We’ll be happy to cooperate with you too!

We do groups and FIT’s at net-rates and scheduled tours on commission basis. You let us know what you need and we’ll give you professional advice on possibilities.

Get the most out of your travel

A trip to Greenland is something special. The nature, culture and infrastructure are unique in every aspect and require a detailed planning. At Greenland Travel, we have more than 29 years of experience in offering travels to and from Greenland.

Greenland Travel is part of the Air Greenland Group and has offices in Copenhagen and in all major towns in Greenland. Besides that we have subsidiaries in both of the two major destinations - Ilulissat and Kangerlussuaq - where our local incoming operators “World of Greenland” takes care of high quality excursions and destination service for our clients.  

Naturally, it is possible for you to arrange your travel by yourself, but our experience and presence across the entire country enable you to focus on getting the most of your travel. We take care of the logistics and make sure to get you all the way to your destination. We can also find an alternative solution if the Greenlandic nature shows its teeth.

The exceptional nature requires an overview

Greenland differs from most other countries by having a very special infrastructure. No towns are connected by roads and the country is unbelievably huge. Actually, the distance from the northern to the southern tip of Greenland corresponds to the distance from Montreal in Canada to the Florida Keys or from Scotland to the Sahara Desert.

Planning is needed and it is important to keep in mind that you can not count on being able to buy a ticket from A to B once you have arrived in Greenland. We have the experience and competence to ensure you a smooth journey.

FIT. Tailor made for your needs

Travelling from and within Greenland requires an overview and the right equipment. We offer comfortable aircrafts on the 4.5 hours long flight from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq on either economy or business class. And even though the dog sled is a fun acquaintance, the journey onwards in Greenland takes place by plane, ship or helicopter. It all depends on your needs but rest assured that we will find the right solution.

Coming to Greenland from Iceland is also a good and popular solution.  We offer direct flights from Iceland to Ilulissat, Kulusuk, Narsarsuaq and Nuuk.

Let us know your needs so we can tailor-make your travel.


We provide comfortable accommodation on all our tours. The level of comfort is an overall indicator of the standard of accommodation on your trip. Always read the information for each trip for a more detailed description of the accommodation.

Level of difficulty

The level of difficulty indicates how hard the trip is and what is required from participants. On some trips you can choose to make them more challenging. We operate with levels from 1: suitable for everyone - to 5: challenging. Please contact us if in doubt.

Tour guides

At Greenland Travel we have some of the most dedicated, experienced and mature tour guides. If you choose to travel with a tour guide, you will enjoy some incredible sights and the company of travelling in a small group. The tour guide will take care of practical matters and will plan activities every day – you are of course free to skip these if you want to do something different.  Travelling with a tour guide is safe and adds something extra to your trip. 

Summer in Greenland

Icebergs in hundreds of shapes and colors and sunshine all night long. Whether you are sailing, hiking or flying, Greenland's summer landscape offers scenic adventures aplenty.

Bumblebees buzz past you when you relax on the rocks. The bees are busy because the small flowers are in full bloom and the brief arctic summer is just as hectic as it is pretty. Whales are spouting in the sea. The sun is shining from a clear sky and people are smiling at you. Then you know it is summer in Greenland. Ahead await adventurous experiences that you will not find anywhere else but here.

The Ice Cap and icebergs

An enormous, endless ice cap of 1,750,000 square kilometres covers 81 per cent of the area of Greenland and provides millions of icebergs all along the coastlines of the country. Ice, therefore, always makes a great theme for travelling in Greenland, and we arrange trips onto the Ice Cap as well as boat trips among the floating icebergs – preferably in the gleam of the midnight sun. The world famous ice fjord of Ilulissat is often the visitors' favourite choice, but icebergs can be experienced everywhere.


The deep oceans and fjords around Greenland are rich in foods, and the country's whale population is consequently both large and growing. Head out to sea with local skippers and get close to the giants of the sea in their right element.

Mountain hiking for everyone

Greenland only has few roads. Therefore, we move around by boat or on foot. The efforts are wonderfully rewarded when you reach an exciting, abandoned settlement and when you enjoy the view across the unspoilt wilderness with mountains and glaciers. Hiking is for everyone – and can last for an hour or several days.
Kayaks, national dresses and tupilaqs

Encountering Greenland's Inuit culture is a great experience in itself. National dresses holding more than 40,000 glass beads, meticulously carved 'tupilaqs' and hand-made kayaks are testimony to old and proud traditions, which many Greenlanders still uphold. To this day, the majority of the population still lives as hunters and fishermen, allowing all visitors to witness the special Arctic life.

Winter in Greenland

High, bright sun in the daytime, and northern lights in the clear and frosty sky during the night. Lots of wow factor!

Many who have visited Greenland believe that you have not experienced the ‘real’ Greenland unless you go there during winter.

You will never forget the first time you inhale the crisp, frosty air as you exit the plane north of the Arctic Circle. It is a unique experience, enhanced by the sight of the rocky landscape draped in snow and the gigantic icebound mountains – and it is likely that it will knock you off your feet.

The winter weather

The ideal period for spending winter in Greenland is from the end of January to the beginning of May. The  cold is inevitable in these latitudes. Temperatures vary from approximately 5-20 degrees centigrade below 0, but due to the dry air, it actually does not feel nearly that cold – depending, of course, on the sun and  strength of the wind. A clear sky with a bright sun that makes the ice and snow glisten is very characteristic  of a Greenland winter.

Dog sledding across infinite masses of snow

During a winter stay, you should not miss out on a dog sled trip, which will quickly take you to another  world” In a matter of seconds, your daily life is far behind you and silence is only interrupted by the soft sound of the sled runners sliding across the fresh snow and the driver commanding his pack of dogs.

Your trip can last a couple of hours or you can set out with a local sled driver for several days during which you will be spending the nights in cabins or in a tent. Regardless of weather and snow conditions, there is always a sled trip suitable for you. And with the right clothes, this really is an experience of a lifetime. One that you will not soon forget.

The northern lights – Aurora Borealis

We highly recommend that you keep an eye out for the northern lights on the clear and frosty night sky, as this unique natural phenomenon is a genuinely beautiful and breath-taking sight. Everywhere on  Greenland, an abundance of northern lights can be seen on clear nights in the period from the end of September to the middle of March.

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For more information contact Peter Simonsen

Peter Simonsen, Product Manager

Peter has lived in Greenland and further had his own incoming agency in Ilulissat. Peter has been all around the country and you can be sure to get an answer to every kind of request relating to the country.


I am a passionate dog sledge driver and hiker and in the past years have been travelling with children in Greenland.