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Kangerlussuaq – Experience the great Ice Sheet

The Greenland Ice Sheet

The main entrance to Greenland is the airport Kangerlussuaq which in the summertime has daily arrivals from Copenhagen with an Airbus 320, and in winter 4 flights a week from Copenhagen.

We always recommend our clients to spend at least one night in Kangerlussuaq before moving on, allowing them to set foot on the Ice Sheet and – with a little luck – see muskoxen.

The village of Kangerlussuaq, which means “big fjord” in Greenlandic, is situated on a plain overlooking the 170-kilometer long fjord. At the fjord’s midpoint lies The Arctic Circle. The area’s geological origins combined with its geography present a real gift for all explorers – a distinctive nature with abundant plant and animal life, grassy tundra and access to the Greenland Ice Sheet, which is only 25 km (16 miles) from Kangerlussuaq by dirt road.

To walk on the Greenland Ice Cap is really something special. We offer easy tours, but also whole day hikes on the Ice Sheet and even overnight stays on the Ice Sheet at Camp Ice Cap. The Ice Cap is definitely the main attraction in Kangerlussuaq.


The Ice Sheet in Greenland

The trip to the Ice Sheet is mainly made by large cross-country vehicles. The scenery that your guests will pass on their way there is very varied. Sometimes the meet green patches of grass on the one side of the car and small whirling tornadoes of sand in the Arctic dessert on the other side of the car. Do not get frightened at the word ‘tornado’, as the whirlwinds are rarely more than a couple of meters tall. But you might come across them, and they do make for a great photo.


When they get to the ice sheet, your guests might want to make a stop and do a barbecue near the wall of ice, for instance, or go one step further and go up on the ice itself. It is an incredible feeling standing there, knowing that you are surrounded by kilometers and kilometers of ice. Even below you there is nothing but ice.

We invite your more adventurous travelers to spend the night in a tent at Camp Ice Cap.



Find the northern lights in Kangerlussuaq

Not everyone knows this, but you will not see northern lights everywhere in Greenland. If you go far north, for instance, there will not be any. In other places, however, it is very powerful.

Kangerlussuaq has more than 300 days of clear sky a year, making it one of the best places to see the northern lights which are visible between October and April.


The northern lights in Kangerlussuaq are very powerful in spring, winter and autumn. In Kangerlussuaq, your guests do not have to travel far to get away from artificial lighting, which is ideal to get the best possible view of the northern lights or the starry sky. People from all over the world flock to this particular place to experience the northern lights as they are very clear in Kangerlussuaq.


Animal life in Kangerlussuaq

Kangerlussuaq has rich wildlife. The best-known species are probably the musk oxen, the reindeer and the white fox. 27 musk oxen were moved here from northeast Greenland in the 60s. Now, the population has reached 3-4,000 animals because of the better living conditions with more grazing for the animals. You will not always be lucky enough to run into musk oxen as the area is vast and they move away to the further corners during the hunting season.


Dog sledding in Kangerlussuaq

Kangerlussuaq lies north of the Arctic Circle and, therefore, keeping sled dogs is permitted. Where there are sled dogs there are also dogsleds. So, if your guests are here in winter, you should definitely try setting them up for a dogsled ride. It is an incredible experience, and the skilled hunters make sure that you get out and back safe and sound.

Kangerlussuaq is mainly a place to visit for the nature-lovers. If your guests want Inuit culture and floating icebergs, this is not the place to send them for a longer time.