East Greenland

Alpine mountain tops and traditional Inuit culture 

The word Tunu’ translates into backside and is used by the Greenlanders of West Greenland to describe East Greenland. This part is said to be mysterious, even to other Greenlanders, but also mentioned as one of the most beautiful places in Greenland. Many who have travelled the world are certain that this might indeed be the most beautiful place on earth. 

Not many places on earth are as remote and pristine as this one. The 2,700 km stretch of the east coast includes the world’s largest national park and three bays with a total of 5,000 inhabitants. 

In fact, East Greenland is not only gorgeous, rough and remote, it is also visited by relatively few tourists. It is the perfect place for those who love to experience awe-inspiring unspoiled nature. 

East Greenland will impress you with enormous glaciers, the Inland Ice cap as well as the rugged and steep terrain which lead into deep fjords. This part of Greenland is more alpine and rougher in comparison to the rest of the country. 

The People of East Greenland 

East Greenland is one of the least populated areas in Greenland, along with the national park area and northern Greenland near Thule. When compared to the rest of Greenland, the people of East Greenland are living more isolated, which further leads to a limited in-flux of visitors. 

Kulusuk in East Greenland

You can access East Greenland through Kulusuk Airport. The Kulusuk settlement is situated on a small rocky island, which is almost always surrounded by icebergs and the glistening Arctic sea. This place, which has about 320 inhabitants, presents your guests with the opportunity to stay in one of the best situated hotels in Greenland. Hotel Kulusuk offers splendid views of the fjord, the mountains and the glaciers. 


Tasiilaq in East Greenland 

Not many places on earth can pride themselves with the Arctic beauty that is spread out in the small town of Tasiilaq. The town is also known by the name of Ammassalik (earlier Angmagssalik). It is situated on the stretch of the Kong Oscarharbour, surrounded by gigantic mountains and deep fjords, topped with a hinterland that ideal for hiking and sailing trips. 

In Tasiilaq, you may enjoy a stay in Hotel Angmagssalik which boasts an excellent location and stunning views. You can participate in boat cruises to the fantastic Sermilik fjord, where Greenland’s second-most-productive glacier fills the bay with icebergs (The Ilulissat ice fjord in the Disco Bay on the west coast of Greenland is the most productive glacier in Greenland). 

Light hiking: The Flower Valley in East Greenland 

The hinterland of Tasiilaq boast the Flower Valley, a magnificent area that surprises with an impressive Arctic flora. If you enjoy light hiking, you should check the miss a chance to get into the back country. Access is easy and there is no need for maps and compasses to have a great day out. 

The world’s biggest national park – East Greenland National Park 

East Greenland is home to the world’s largest and probably least visited national park in the world. The national park is difficult to accesunless you are on an expedition cruise. 

The closest settlement and commercial airport to the national park is Ittoqqortoormiit which can be reached from Akureyri, Iceland. There is very little accommodation in the settlement and a limited range of activities for the visitor to participate inwhich is the reason we rarely recommend this area to first-time visitors to Greenland. 

How to get to East Greenland 

Typically, you can reach East Greenland from Iceland. Starting from Reykjavik, you fly to Kulusuk and take the helicopter further to the beautiful town of Tasiilaq. From this town you can enjoy a marvellous view of the Ammassalik fjord. 

If you are looking to combine a journey to Iceland with a few days in Greenland, we strongly recommend East Greenland, ideally a combination of Kulusuk and Tasiilaq to get an indepth experience of this remote region of Greenland.  

We don’t offer any scheduled tours to East Greenland in 2021 but if you contact us, we can provide you with a quote and a recommended itinerary.