Where to go

Planning is essential when travelling to Greenland

A trip to Greenland is something special. Nature, culture and infrastructure are unique in every aspect and require detailed planning.

Greenland differs from most other countries by having a very special infrastructure. No towns are connected by roads and the country is unbelievably huge. Actually, the distance from the northern to the southern tip of Greenland corresponds to the distance from Montreal in Canada to the Florida Keys or from Scotland to the Sahara Desert. Planning is needed and it is important to keep in mind that you cannot count on being able to buy a ticket from A to B once you have arrived in Greenland.


Where to bring your clients and when?

We have an office full of expert travel consultants that can bring your clients just about anywhere in Greenland. Basically, any place can be visited, and any adventure supplied. The most spectacular (and reachable) places are also the ones we normally advise to you.

Greenland is logistically complicated, remote and can also be an expensive destination, so unless your clients have specific needs and a very good reason to get far away from the popular places, we advise you to listen to our advice of where to go and what to see. And when to go. We know when the whales are around, and when and where the northern lights flicker. But more importantly; we know when the whales and the northern lights are not around.