Where to go

The When, How and Why explained 

Planning is essential when travelling to Greenland.

A trip to Greenland is something truly special. Your clients are likely to have chosen this destination because they want to do something extraordinary. 

The Greenlandic nature, culture and infrastructure are unique in every sense of the word and in order to make the most of your customers’ time there, it is vital that advance planning is detailed – this is where WE can help you. 

Greenland differs from most other countries by having a very special infrastructure. No towns are connected by roads, travelling between communities and regions are done by airplane, boat, on foot (if you have LOTS of time) or in the North Greenlandic winter; by dog sled. 

Also remember, that this is the biggest island in the world. The distance from north to south corresponds to the distance from Montreal in Canada to the Florida Keys or from Scotland to the Sahara Desert.  

Planning is a must and it is important to keep in mind that you cannot count on being able to buy a ticket from A to B once you have arrived in Greenland. 

Failing to book transport in advance can turn a proposed dream trip into an expensive nightmare, so our main advice will always be: 

Contact Greenland Travel so we can create the perfect itinerary for your guests! 

Let us save you time on research and multiple emails to various suppliers – our team of travel experts, who have all traveled extensively in Greenland, will be ready to advice you on anything from flight connections and hotel availability to Northern Light season and where you have the best chance of seeing whales! 

The links below will take you to the different regions which are accessible for commercial travelling. You can also delve into the opportunities our selection of day trips and excursions offer, learn how our camps can take you off the beaten track and find out why sailing along the West Greenland coast can be the best adventure ever!