Pratical information for agents

This page contains important information for your customers, as they prepare for their trip to Greenland.

We have split it up into things that are important for your client to know before going, this information can be found in “Before departure”.

The other category is “during the stay”, which is important information for the customer when they are in Greenland, for example currency, information about guides and excursions and so on.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact our team in Copenhagen.

Important information for your customer

Dietary needs

Whilst we will always do our very best to ensure travellers with food allergies are being looked after, it is important to stress that vegetarian and vegan diets are EXTREMELY difficult to cater for in Greenland . Because of the country’s Arctic location 99% of plant ingredients have to be flown in from Europe, so don’t expect great dietary variation. Religious diets (e.g. Halal/ Kosher/ Jain) cannot be accommodated at all.

Travel insurances
There are three types of travel insurances we would like to draw your attention to and recommend your passengers to have.

In the period from booking their tour until the actual departure we advise them to buy cancellation insurance. This policy covers them if they become acutely ill or are hit by accident or if acute illness, an accident or sudden death in their family occurs before their departure. This insurance policy must be purchased at the time of booking. For some of our tours in 2021, we are currently offering a FREE cancellation service of up to 100%.

If the travelers are unintentionally or unpredictably late for public transport or transport arranged by Greenland Travel and must therefore subsequently catch up with their itinerary, we advise them to buy insurance covering late arrival and changed departure time. This insurance policy is valid at the beginning and the end of their tour and must also be purchased at the time of booking.

Finally, a travel insurance policy will protect the travelers and their luggage during the trip. Often, travelers already have this policy through their credit card or their own insurance company.

No special vaccinations are required to travel to Greenland.

Stores in Greenland are not as well equipped as in Europe. Your travelers should remember personal medicine, contact lenses, etc. They should also remember to bring seasickness tablets if they go on a boat trip.

Itinerary/travel documents
When you receive your clients’ itinerary and travel documents, you should check that dates and times on the ticket are as expected. Also check that the names in the travel documents match the names in their passport. If you or they find any discrepancies, please contact Greenland Travel.

All departure and arrival times are local times.

Time zone
Greenland is four hours behind European Central Time, so when it is 4 PM in Central Europe, it is 12 noon in Western Greenland and in the Tasiilaq area on the east coast. Greenland is 2 hours ahead of EST.

Prior to your travelers’ departure, you will receive vouchers for those services that need it. Please be aware that not all of our suppliers need vouchers anymore.

If your clients have bought a trip which includes the service of one of our tour leaders, the tour leader will take care of the vouchers.

The vouchers are important as they are used as payment. They must be handed over to the place/s of accommodation and to the excursion organizers. If the guests are not able to present the vouchers, they may have to pay for the activity.

Travellers from outside Europe will have to show their valid passport upon arrival to Greenland. Some may also have to apply for a visa before travelling (please see the section below)

It is not necessary for all European travellers to bring a passport to Greenland but we recommend they you do so as you will need photo ID in connection with check-in and boarding.

All EU nations except Great Britain and Ireland are members of the Schengen partnership. Norway and Iceland are not members of the EU but are participating in the co-operation. Greenland is not a member of the European Union but, on the other hand, is included in the travel solution within the framework of the Nordic Passport Union. Due to this agreement, Nordic citizens can travel the Nordic countries crossing approved border districts without carrying and having their passport checked.
Other citizens can also travel between the Nordic countries’ borders without having their passport checked, but these citizens have to carry a passport or another kind of approved travel identification papers.
Who will not have their passport checked:

  Danish citizens traveling to Greenland from Denmark will not have their passports checked.

  Citizens from a country joined in the Nordic Passport Union traveling to Greenland from the Nordic countries will not have their passports checked (Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland).

  Citizens from countries joined in the Schengen agreement traveling to Greenland from a Schengen country will not have their passport checked (all EU countries, except Ireland and England, but including Norway and Iceland).
However, please note that valid travel identification papers must be presented, which in general means that citizens from a Schengen country have to prove their citizenship.
This, for many countries, means they have to show their passport.

Visa and visa invitation letter
If your clients come from a country where a visa is required to enter Denmark, then a visa is also required to travel to Greenland. However, a visa that is valid for Denmark is not automatically valid for Greenland, so a separate visa application needs to be made for Greenland.

A visa can be applied for at Danish embassies and consulates.

Greenland Travel is allowed by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to send invitation letters to clients who have booked a tour with us to Greenland. These letters help a lot when clients apply for a visa.

Please send us

  Clients names (as in passport)
  Date of birth
  Passport number
  Expiry date
Please note that invitation letters always need attachments of: travel itinerary, flight tickets, hotel confirmation etc. so they can only be sent after booking. Never before a confirmed booking.

Please note that Greenland Travel takes NO responsibility for checking if any of their travellers need passports and/or visas to enter Greenland. This is solely the responsibility of the traveller!

Flight time to Greenland
If you travel from Copenhagen to Greenland the flight time is estimated to 4.5 hours. If you fly from Reykjavik the estimated flight time is less and the length depends on whether you travel to the east or west coast.

Packing lists
We have produced a number of packing lists for trips to Greenland. After booking a trip for your clients, along with the documents, you will also receive packing lists made for each trip.

Mobile/cell phones
Some mobile subscriptions also cover Greenland. There’s coverage in all towns and for a certain radius outside the towns. In the hills and at sea between the towns there is no coverage. Make sure that your guests have checked whether their service provider has an agreement with Tele Greenland and have checked their mobile company’s roaming expenses. Not all companies include Greenland as part of the northern countries, and it can be quite expensive to make a call from Greenland back home on your mobile phone.

Free wifi is rare in Greenland as the places of accommodation have to pay for Internet usage. In many hotels and similar places, hotspots have been established, so you can go online directly via a wireless connection. Most hotels offer internet service for a fee. There are internet cafes in major towns.

The currency in Greenland is Danish Kroner (DKK). Most international credit cards are accepted in banks, hotels and restaurants but we recommend bringing cash as well.

Banks and ATMs
The three largest towns have banks, and you can make withdrawals at cash points in all large towns.

All excursions and other additional arrangements depend on the weather conditions, and your guests should be aware that cancellations due to the weather or technical problems with boats, vehicles, planes or helicopters may occasionally occur. Obviously, we will try to move any cancelled excursions to a different time during the trip. If this is not possible, unused vouchers may be switched for another excursion from our partners in Greenland. Alternatively, they can be refunded upon return back home by sending the voucher including your bank account number to Greenland Travel.

Tour guide
Some of our tours offer a tour guide who travels with the group. Greenland Travel’s tour guides are, without exception, highly experienced and  some of them have been travelling in Greenland for more than 20 years. The tour guide travels with the participants and handles the practical aspects of the transport during the trip, organises shared cooking (if required) during the trip, plans guided tours and hikes along the way, in addition to providing general assistance.

Local guides
If your guests are travelling on their own (but on a trip arranged by Greenland Travel), they will not be on their own. Our local guides and business partners will look after them, and give information meetings for certain groups. With their local knowledge the local guides can assist with information about excursion opportunities, places to eat, shopping facilities, and more.

In Ilulissat, our affiliated company World of Greenland represents Greenland Travel and their guides take care of all our destination guide activities. During the summer, Greenland Travel also has additional guides in Ilulissat.

In Kangerlussuaq the guides of Albatros Arctic Circle are our representatives, and in Sisimiut the excursions are operated from Hotel Sisimiut.

Please let your guests know if a tour leader or a destination guide is connected to their trip.

Transportation in Greenland
In general, all transport between cities in Greenland takes place either by boat or plane. The distances are often vast, so flying is a quicker way of traveling.

The larger towns have asphalted roads, and the three largest cities have public buses. The smaller towns often have asphalted roads too, however in the small settlements there are often no roads and very few cars.

The distances in the towns are often so short that you can go anywhere on foot. In the three larger towns it is fun to take the public bus with the locals. There are also taxis or some of the hotels offer a minibus service to pick you up at the airport, which usually lies just outside the city center.

The weather in Greenland can change quickly. Therefore, air traffic, in particular, can be affected by delays when weather conditions are bad. Your guests are requested to be patient and wait for a change in the conditions. We will – along with the airlines or boat providers – keep the guests informed about delays.

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