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Tour Guide Concept

Our guides create the framework for unforgettable journeys in Greenland!

Helping a client choose the right destination and create the perfect trip is an art form – but how do you make sure the dream becomes a reality once your clients depart on their tour?

With Greenland Travel you can be certain that your guests can have exactly the level of guide service they want.

Visiting Greenland is a once-in-a-lifetime ambition for many people and we want to make sure they get as much out of their time spent in the Arctic.

An integral part of our service to you and your clients is obviously the knowledge and passion for Greenland that guides can provide at the destination.

Guides working for Greenland Travel have great travel experience and knowledge about the country’s culture, nature, and history.

Many also have specialist knowledge in areas such as history, Eskimology, Arctic environment, botany, the Norse, and dog sledding. And they will be happy to share their knowledge with our guests.

Depending on what your clients want and which areas they travel to, Greenland Travel operates three types of guide service:

Greenland Travel Guides (GTG)

A GTG travels with you on your entire trip. You meet them at Kangerlussuaq Airport or Reykjavik Airport, and they accompany you throughout your journey until you return home. You will always have someone at hand if you have questions or need help.

Greenland Travel Destination Guides

Our destination guides operate in Ilulissat. If your clients have chosen a trip without a GTG, they can still ask for help and seek advice from one of our staff members in Ilulissat. The Destination Guides also man the Arctic Excursion Tour Desk at Hotel Arctic and help with any queries and book excursions as needed.

Local representatives

In those areas where we don’t have our own guides based, we have strong links to knowledgeable local guides who will look after your clients and make sure they experience everything the area has to offer.

We are pleased to work with local representatives in e.g. Kangerlussuaq, Nuuk, and Sisimiut

"I highly recommend this company. They are professional and personal.."

Janet Carlson

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