Coastal ferry

Slow Travel as it was meant to be 

One of the best ways to travel is by sea, giving your soul the chance to truly relax as you enjoy the scenery gently passing by.  

Cruising in Greenland is no exception; let views of the stunning coastline of the biggest island in the world mix with views of icebergs and wildlife – this is what travelling should always be like! 

Travelling with the local ferry Sarfaq Ittuk along Greenland’s west coast will be an experience out of the ordinaryYou can meet locals and watch the Greenland coastline change from green hills to steep granite peaks 

What to expect

It is important to stress that a cruise with Sarfaq Ittuk is NOT a luxury sea voyage, there are no casinos, theatres or multiple restaurants on board. What makes a journey with Sarfaq Ittuk memorable, apart from the awe-inspiring scenery which envelops you throughout the cruise, is the opportunity you have to travel with the locals and experience the excitement on board as well as in the ports when the vessel docks to off load much needed provisions and passengers, with family members eagerly greeting each other after months or years of separation.  

Greenlanders have always had a special relationship with the sea; survival came through the sea and today they still live in harmony with the amazing and unspoilt Arctic nature. Sailing with Sarfaq Ittuk also remains the most budget friendly way of travelling between regions and is therefore vary much the most popular mode of inter-regional travel in Greenland. 

The coastal ship Sarfaq Ittuk which connects towns and settlement long the Greenlandic west coast is a safe and comfortable ship. It is smaller than most cruisers and is therefore able to dock at very small settlements and can navigate remarkably close to whales and icebergs. 

Combined adventures on land and at sea 

A Greenland journey which combines adventures on land and at sea, is the ideal way to explore our nation and Greenland Travel have created a variety of packages that makes this possible.  

Sarfaq Ittuk General Information

The ship was built in 1992 and was modernized and extended in winter 1999/2000. She now has a length of 73 meters and a width of 11 meters. With an engine of 2000 HP, the ship has a maximum speed of 13 knots.  

Onboard the crew of 22 people will make sure everything works and that your journey will be as smooth as possible. The ship has a café, a lounge with panoramic windows, a playroom, and a hospital/clinic in case of injuries and acute illness on board. The ship’s capacity is 274 passengers. 

Greenland Travel ONLY uses cabin accommodation for our guests on scheduled tours which include travel onboard Sarfaq Ittuk.

Accommodation onboard


The cabins are designed for 1-4 people. Each cabin is approx. 9.9 square meters (approx. 321 square feet) and contains a table, a chair, a wardrobe and 220 volt sockets. There is an en suite bathroom and toilet, and bed linen and towels are included. All cabins are exterior cabins and have sea views.

The cabins are located on decks 3 and 4. You will be allocated a place of accommodation upon boarding. You will not be staying with strangers; only with those with whom you are booked.

You can find the schedule and the route map for Sarfaq Ittuk here.