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Treat yourself to a once-in-a-lifetime experience

Greenland is a destination which begs the visitor to go off the beaten track, and fortunately it is a dream that is relatively easy to realise! 

Travelling with Greenland Travel gives you access to our growing portfolio of wilderness camps and comfortable lodges – all situated in areas that are truly out of this world. 

Important Note: Our camps and lodges have very limited availability as we want our guests to get a REAL feel for the remoteness and peace you can encounter in the Greenlandic outback. 

It is therefore extremely important, that you book EARLY if you have a specific season or destination in mind. 

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Fantastic cabins at Ilimanaq Lodge in Greenland - Photographer: Greenland TravelCabins at Eqi lodge with an amazing view in Greenland - Photographer: Greenland Travel

Camps near the Diskobay area

Stunning views of the famous “Calving Glacier Eqi”

Glacier Lodge Eqi is located 80 kilometers north of Ilulissat and overlooks the spectacular Eqi Glacier on the other side of the fjord.

Luxury in the wilderness

Glacier Lodge Eqi is a sustainable project, which has been developed year by year since 2001, aiming at saving CO2 and with great care for the environment. Electricity is solar powered, and all waste is meticulously collected and brought back to Ilulissat.

The camp consists of 15 lodges and is open from around mid-June to mid-September. In total, the lodges hold 52 beds including all extra beds. Usually, our guests book the lodges as regular double rooms. But it is up to the guests if they want to book a lodge for 1, 2, 3, or 4 people.

At Glacier Lodge Eqi, guests can choose whether to stay in one of the newer ‘comfort lodges’ with a flush lavatory, shower and floor heating – or if they are up for the more basic conditions of a ‘standard lodge’ with a wash basin and a lavatory bucket.

The cabins at Glacier Lodge Eqi all consist of a large room and your guests will get their own cabin when they stay at Glacier Lodge Eqi. They will not be sharing a cabin with other people except their travel companions.


All standard cabins have a double bed and two couches that can be used if there are more than two travelers. Comfort cabins are furnished with a double bed and a sofa. In addition, there is a separate bathroom in the comfort cabins.


All lodges have one thing in common, though: The incredible view of the glacier.


Café Victor

Next to the lodges, Café Victor lies. This is where all guests eat their meals. Despite its location in the middle of nowhere, the kitchen is known for serving great food, and they strive to maintain the standards of a hotel kitchen. Solar power delivers energy for three freezers, fridge, extraction, lighting, water purification, alarms, satellite phone, and much more. In the kitchen, skilled chefs use local produce to the greatest possible extent.


Historical significance 

Paul-Émile Victor’s old cabin is located next to the Glacier Lodge Eqi. From here, he went on numerous expeditions to the Ice Cap in the years from 1948 to 1953. In general, the place has been popular among many explorers. The conditions for boat entry are good, and the nearest accessible part of the Ice Cap is not overwhelmingly far from the camp, so a lot of expeditions have begun here.


Before Victor, H. J. Rink set out here in 1848, M.P. Porsild followed suit in 1913 and Alfred Wegener in 1928. Traces of Paul-Émile Victor’s expeditions are still evident, serving as an important reminder that Arctic nature will not just regenerate like elsewhere on Earth. Up here, we have to take extra good care of nature!


Great excursions

From Glacier Lodge Eqi, we offer a great range of excursions. You can walk to the edge of the moraine or to the lake behind the camp. Longer hikes to the Ice Cap are also an option, as well as spending the night on the Ice Cap itself in our tent camp.


Glacier Lodge Eqi is run by our subsidiary World of Greenland.


Destination: Glacier Lodge Eqi

Duration: From 2 days/1 night (also as 1-day boat trip without accommodation)

Difficulty: 2 of 5

Season: Mid-June – Mid-September

Participants: 1 or more


Excursions are available – see under Excursions.

Settlement living at the estuary of Ilulissat Icefjord. Enjoy nature and cultural heritage at the same time


The 15 stunning luxury cabins of Ilimanaq Lodge are beautifully located at the Ilulissat Icefjord in the settlement of Ilimanaq. All cabins boast an excellent view.

The settlement’s two listed buildings, the administrative building and the store building, have been restored so that they will function as reception and restaurant, but also as a museum and a conference center.


Ilimanaq Lodge is a comfort on the rocks – literally

Imagine that your guests will wake up in a nice bed and open their eyes to the sight of majestic icebergs. They step down into the living room, sit on the couch and watch the fishing boats chug by on the crystal-clear water. They will enjoy a coffee on their terrace and wave to a whale who blows a nice ‘good morning’ through his blowhole.

In Ilimanaq, you can experience Greenland’s glory, even if you are not in shape for an 8-hour cross country hike. Ilimanaq Lodge combines the magnificent nature experiences with luxurious comfort.

The 15 cabins are situated on the cliffs by the water. One side has a glass front so that your guests can enjoy the breathtaking views from both the living room and the bedroom. Each cabin is a little over 40 square meters (about 430 sq feet) and contains a shower, toilet and modern furniture in a rustic, Nordic look.


Eco-friendly solar energy from Greenland’s midnight sun

Each cabin is equipped with its own solar panels that supply energy for heating and electricity. The surplus production of electricity from the solar panels is sold cheaply to the local people, so the more you save on water and heating, the more you contribute to giving something back to the local community. The long bright days and nights in Greenland in the summer contribute to the effective utilization of the solar panels.

The cabins are built in a two-story construction and designed to appear relatively hidden in the area. All cabins feature comfortable furniture in a beautiful design, and you have a private bathroom and toilet in each cabin. Obviously, these modern cabins have flushing toilets, hot water in the shower, and electricity for lighting and to heat the radiators.


Panoramic view of whales and icebergs

At the top floor, there are two beds which can be arranged as both a double bed or twin beds. On the ground floor, there is a sofa bed which can accommodate two additional people. The large window takes up the entire facade facing the sea and gives you a beautiful panoramic view on both floors. Regularly, humpback whales swim by, just like the icebergs of the Ilulissat Ice Fjord are floating by right outside.



Sustainable tourism in Greenland

Throughout the span of the project, sustainability has been focused on. The settlement’s residents have been consulted and it provides jobs to the village. Hopefully, this project can act as a model for tourism development in the future. In 2010, the settlement had more than 80 inhabitants. Today, it has only 52 inhabitants but the project brings jobs to the settlement.

Ilimanaq Lodge – a unique pioneering project

Ilimanaq Lodge is the result of collaboration between three parties and it is a pioneering project because we have not before seen cooperation in this manner in Greenland. The three parties are the Danish fund Real Dania Build, the local Qaasuitsup Municipality and our subsidiary World of Greenland.   


Destination: Ilimanaq Lodge in Ilimanaq

Duration: From 2 days/1 night (also as 1-day boat trip without accommodation)

Difficulty: 1 of 5

Season: Mid-June – Mid-September

Participants: 1 or more


Excursions are available – see under Excursions.

Real snow igloos. Try living as our ancient Inuit ancestors


Our subsidiary in Ilulissat, World of Greenland has been very successful with their summer lodges at the Eqi Glacier and in the settlement of Ilimanaq. Now, they also offer winter lodges in the shape of igloos. Your guests will be taken on a snowmobile into the wonderful winter landscape where we hope they get to see the northern lights dancing in the sky in the evening.

Well-equipped igloos

Here, at the foot of the mountains, your guests will spend the night in an igloo (with the possibility of staying in a heated cabin). Igloo Lodge consists of five spacious igloos, each of which accommodates two people. Reindeer pelts and warm winter sleeping bags are covering the beds. There is also a petroleum lamp on the bedside table, which means that the temperature is around the freezing point inside the cab. This stands in stark contrast to the down to minus 20 degrees Celcius/Fahrenheit outside.

The wooden cabin by the lodge is where we will eat our meals. In the wooden cabin, there is also an outhouse type restroom.

While staying at the Igloo Lodge, your guests are going on two excursions. The first excursion is a snowshoe trip where they head to a vantage point, overlooking the Ilulissat Ice Fjord. The second excursion is a snowmobile ride to the huts overlooking the winter fishing spots at Aattartoq in the Ilulissat hinterland.

There is a set routine for staying at the Igloo Lodge. This is the program:


10:00-11:30 Departure to Igloo Lodge by snowmobile

12:00 Lunch at the hut

13:00-15:00 Snowshoe tour to the lookout point over the Ilulissat Ice Fjord

15:00 Coffee & cake at the hut

16:00-18:00 Ride by snow scooter to the fisherman’s huts with a lookout over the winter fishing spots at Aattartup

18:00 Dinner & hygge at the hut

20:00 Evening coffee, including the search for Northern Lights.

Accommodation in an igloo with temperatures at about freezing point

08:00-10:00 Breakfast in the hut

09:00-10:30 Departure back to Ilulissat by snowmobile



Destination: Greenland Glacier Camp

Duration: 25 hours incl. 1 night

Difficulty: 3 of 5

Season: December – April?

Participants: 1 or more

Beautiful light over Camp ice cap in Greenland - Photographer: Greenland TravelIglo lodge in Greenland - Photographer: World of Greenland

Camps near Kangerlussuaq

Camp at the edge the Greenland Ice Cap in heated luxurious tents.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Greenland Glacier Camp is located within the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Aasivissuit – Nipisat.

Greenland Glacier Camp is a new one-of-a-kind camp, close to the Greenland Ice Sheet and right in front of a glacier and a meltwater lake. Here, the calm and the silence of nature dominate the natural environment. The few guests who stay at the camp have their own and very spacious shelters; luxuriously furnished, with comfortable beds, linens and other necessities, inspired by high-end camps from the African Savannah.


The temperatures here are those of the latitudes of the polar circle, obviously, but still quite pleasant, as the camp is open only during the warmest months – from late June to the beginning of September in 2018.


On the Arctic Circle

The UNESCO World Heritage Site: Aasivissuit – Nipisat is situated just north of the Arctic Circle between the northernmost limit of the coastal ‘open water area’ and the southernmost limit of formation of widespread land-fast ice during winter.

This area has traces of more than 4,200 years of human settlement. The cultural landscape lies at the heart of the largest ice-free area in Greenland which has made it exceptional as a hunting ground from the coasts of the Davis Strait to the Greenland Ice Sheet. Prehistoric camp sites, ruins, carins, trails and other traces of prehistoric people, i.e. nomad hunters and gatherers, can be visited by present-day travellers.

For millenia, people in the Aasivissuit – Nipisat area have exploited the locally available resources and have adapted their lifestyles and homes to the seasonal rhythm. Due to its topography and the climatic conditions, this specific area offers an exceptionally good environment for survival and thriving in one of the world’s otherwise harshest places to live.


Peace and quiet

Guests come to Greenland Glacier Camp to obtain peace of mind, time and utter silence in order to listen to nature: The creaking ice from the glacier, the melting water and the wind gently bending the sparse amount of grass and Arctic plants and flowers. Perhaps it’s a lucky day and your guests can see a herd of musk ox. Maybe a reindeer appears while they are enjoying the views from their private wooden terrace.

This is a wi-fi free location; your guests will not be disturbed by e-mails, ringtones, radio, television, tablets etc. Whatever happens, they are there to be spoiled on the premises of nature and to become a part of the Arctic environment with little human interference.

Practical necessities and amenities such as delicious food and drinks will be prepared and served by the famous Restaurant Roklubben. There are appropriate bathing facilities and tundra toilets on site.


Destination: Greenland Glacier Camp

Duration: From 3 days/2 nights

Difficulty: 2 of 5

Season: Late June – Early September

Participants: 2

Try sleeping on the Greenland Ice Sheet. Follow in the footstep of the old Polar Heroes.

Only two ice sheets exist in the world, namely in Antarctica and in Greenland, where the settlement of Kangerlussuaq is fortunate to enjoy a distinguishing feature: It is the only place in Greenland where you can literally drive to the Greenland Ice Sheet and it is situated only 25 km from Kangerlussuaq! From all other locations in Greenland, you must hike, sail or fly.

Stay on the Greenland Ice Sheet

Feel nature’s veritable strength amidst a Greenlandic summer or winter. Stay overnight on the Greenland Ice Sheet. Brave the blustery winds and snowfall for an opportunity to witness the stunning northern lights (in autumn and winter) and the stillness of endless ice.


The chance to stay overnight on the Greenlandic Ice Sheet is typically reserved for research and expedition purposes, but to join this special camping experience, your guests need not be glaciologists or die-hard adventurers! All that is required to join this unrivaled 2-day/1-night expedition is a sense of adventure and the pursuit of a unique life experience.

This mini-expedition offered from summer into the early winter begins in a 4WD all-terrain vehicle, which features large panoramic windows, making it easy to enjoy the changing landscape along the way. Guests will be taken approximately one hour to the destination, Point 660. After ad an important briefing on safety and the forthcoming activities, the guests will venture onto the Greenland Ice Sheet and walk in the footsteps of legendary explorers such as Fridtjof Nansen.


At the camp

Upon reaching the destination, the first priority will be setting up camp. With the night’s accommodations in order, it is time to relax with a warm beverage and enjoy the total silence that prevails only a few kilometers into the ice sheet. Isolated from modern electrical conveniences and the buzzing of city lights, this is an extraordinary opportunity to witness the northern lights (aurora borealis) amid the winter’s darkness.

Dinner is warm, wholesome and simple, consisting of freeze-dried food that is easy to carry on such an expedition. In an environment where no other food sources are available, this humble meal leaves the guests feeling happy and at ease.


Hiking in the morning

Following an adventurous night spent snuggled in warm sleeping bags and an energy-packed breakfast, it is time to get going on a hike. Following a route across seemingly eternal fields of ice, the group sets their sights on Russell Glacier. They will proceed with thoughtfulness, heeding any potential ice fissures. Throughout the duration of this expedition, the group will maintain a safe distance from danger and plot a route across the secure terrain. Crampons and trekking poles will provide each guest with extra stability. Ropes will not be used.

Depending on the weather conditions, the group will now enjoy a packed lunch while in route or back at base camp. As the adventure concludes, they will break camp, packing up the goods and leaving only footprints behind. The group will return to civilization, feeling enriched and awakened by a summer (yet wintery) or winter camping adventure on the Greenland Ice Sheet.


Destination: Ice Cap near Kangerlussuaq

Duration: 2 days/1 night

Difficulty: 3 of 5

Season: March 18 – October 15

Participants: 6 or more