Greenland is characterized by strong contrasts which brings the country together. These contrasts can be also experienced at Greenland Travel. We are a great group of Greenlanders and Danes with many years of experience about Greenland and the arctic destinations, while we all share one thing: Out love and interest for Greenland the and arctic regions.

We are only one phone call away (or e-mail) and are doing our best to respond to every request within 24 hours.

Our Travel Specialists

Maria Hammer

Maria has been both a hostel manager and a hotel manager in Ilulissat in Greenland. Now Maria is employed in our travel department, ensuring a safe production and administration of tours.


I have had some of my best nature experiences in Greenland. There are not a lot of places in the world where nature is waiting for one right outside the front door.

Lisbeth Andersen, Travel Consultant

Lisbeth has had the pleasure of selling Greenland as a destination for tourists for the last 17 years, thereby having the pleasure of showing the whole world this unique place.


I love that special silence that you encounter when you sit at Sermermiut and look out over the ice fjord. Here, there is room for thinking good thoughts.

Helena Martens Bjørneboe, Travel Consultant

Helena has many years of experience in the aviation industry. She has also worked in the travel industry, selling Iceland, Greenland and handling cruises in Greenland.


My biggest experiences are kayaking near Ilulissat, seeing humpback whales jumping, and also the hike to the glacier at Eqi. You experience peace from the moment you set foot in Greenland. I wish for everyone to experience this unique place.

Peter Simonsen, Product Manager

Peter has lived in Greenland and further had his own incoming agency in Ilulissat. Peter has been all around the country and you can be sure to get an answer to every kind of request relating to the country.


I am a passionate dog sledge driver and hiker and in the past years have been travelling with children in Greenland.

Ellen Schmidt, Sales Manager, Leisure

Ellen has travelled in Greenland for over 10 years, from north to south and tried it all: Dog sledding, hiking, and kayaking. Ellen is also one of our experts on cruise ships in the Arctic, including Svalbard and Antarctica.


I have travelled to Greenland at all times of the year and I do not have a favourite season, believing every season has its own charm.

Karin Jensen, Product Manager

Karin has worked with tours to Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Island for more than 30 years. Karin is responsible for groups, both holiday-, study- and business groups. Karin is well known for her great travel advice and counselling - and always with a smile.


All my life I have been travelling to Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. Even though a lot has changed, these places still remain to be some of the most unique ones.

Ulf Klüppel, Key Account Manager, Germany

Ulf has spent 20 years of his adult life in Greenland. He started out as a student in Nuuk. Most of the years, however, Ulf has worked with tourism in Ilulissat where his passion for dogsledding has made him familiar with every inch of the area.


Greenland and the Arctic are amazing. You simply get addicted to it.

Tom Nørregaard Jensen, Travel Consultant

Tom started as a guide in Greenland and has a thorough knowlege about the practicalities of our tours. You can also meet Tom at one of our trips when he leads a tour in Greenland or Iceland.


Through my task as a tour guide I am always up to date with our tours to Iceland and Greenland. I am especially always looking forward to guiding groups with children.

Lars Thorning, Travel Consultant

Lars has lived in Greenland for 15 years, where he led our local branch in Ilulissat. Lars has worked with Greenland for 30 years and is our undisputed expert in tailor-made tours to Greenland.


For the better part of my grown up life, I have lived in Greenland and my kids are Greenlanders, so Greenland does not not only represent my job - it is my live.

Michael Kolbe, Travel Consultant

Michael has morethan 20 years of experience in the travel industry. Michael is our expert in producing and administrating our package tours. So it may very well have been Michael who booked your hotel and excursions on your trip.


The greatest experience of my life was when I tried to stay overnight in a simple tent on the ice cap near Kangerlussuaq in Greenland.

Sales Ticket only and Business Travel

Tina Delin Mogensen, HR Manager

Tina is our HR Manager and also teaches the employees at the Air Greenland Group in Sales & Service and Safety Always/Just Culture within aviation. Furthermore, Tina is one of our most-traveled co-workers in Greenland and in the rest of the world.


I have pretty much seen all of Greenland from the air and sea, and I also know it really well on foot. Not least, because, every year, I run the Polar Circle Marathon from Kangerlussuaq to the Greenland Ice Sheet.

Helle Bach, CCO

Helle has lived in Nuuk for 8 years. Besides being Sales Manager for Business Travel at our Danish office, Helle is also a part of the sales team in Copenhagen and in Aalborg. Many of our business customers enjoy Helle's many years of experience and great humour.


I strongly value the direct contact to our customers. I consider Greenland my second home. I am truly passionate about the country and the people who live there.

Ida Louise Hastrup, Travel Consultant

Ida has worked a number of years in the travel industry and lost her heart to Greenland years ago.


I highly value a good dialogue with my customers - both the old and the new ones. Greenland forever has a spot in my heart since I have lived a couple of great years in Nuuk.

Erling Heilmann, Travel Consultant

Erling is our expert in issuing tickets to our travellers. He was born and bred in Nuuk, and has also lived in Ilulissat. Erling speaks fluent Greenlandic.


I am frequently in Greenland because most of my family lives there. I place a high value on speaking greenlandic when talking on the phone with our greenlandic customers.

Gitte Tabo, Ticket office

Gitte is experienced in working for both commercial and online travel agencies. At Greenland Travel Gitte works in the ticket office, where she works with issuing all types of documents.


I have been lucky enough to experience Greenland from a child's perspective with my sons - which is an experience I can wholeheartedly recommend to all parents.


Flemming Deleuran, Marketing Manager

Flemming is responsible for all of the agency's marketing. This covers everything from websites, e-commerce and all other digital and offline communications, including digital usability, digital solutions, branding guidelines, materials and print media.


I fell completely in love with Greenland many years ago on a dog sledding trip from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut.


Christian Christensen, Internal Business Development

Christian is responsible for improving our IT systems and insights into our data base. Christian’s background is financial management and he is the former Accounting Manager at Air Greenland.


A week's hike with the kids in South Greenland was great. Tasiusaq at the Sermilik Fjord is outstanding. After a week in the wilderness, visiting Igaliku felt like a city break.

Anastasia Riepina, Economics trainee

Anastasia has an educational background in economics from Ukraine, and she has also chosen to start her career in Denmark in economics. Throughout her learning process, Anastasia also helps our financial staff with both debit and credit.


I had the luck to visit Greenland with my colleagues. It is a hospitable country with amazing landscapes and a unique nature.

Ida Løvbo, Account assistant

Ida controls both creditors and debitors and ensures that transactions are made on time. If you have any questions regarding invoices or bank account statements, you can be sure to get an answer from Ida.


One of the biggest benefits of my job is that I am allowed to visit my colleagues and customers in Greenland. I am thrilled with the old and new parts of Nuuk.

Bettina Petersen, Head of finance

Bettina has many years of experience in financial controlling and she ensures that our finances, processes and tasks are all aligned with our time horizons.


I greatly enjoy my work and the opportunities to experience the most beautiful country on earth. My favourite places are Nuuk, Kangerlussuaq and Ilulissat in Greenland.

Lene Jartved, Account assistant

Lene has worked in economy departments throughout her entire career. Lene is an integral part of our economy department and has contact to both creditors as well as debotors.


"I'm new in the travel industry and I'm really looking forward to going to Greenland to meet my new colleagues and to experience the Greenlandic nature and culture."


Peter Bastrup, CEO

Peter has worked with Greenland for many years and actually started out as a guide there. Since then Peter has worked for Visit Greenland and subsequently Greenland Travel, first as Sales Director and now as CEO.


I have travelled through many parts of Greenland and adore South Greenland, however Glacier Lodge Eqi in Disko Bay has become my favourite spot in recent years.