Greenland Travel | CSR at Greenland Travel

Greenland Travel | CSR at Greenland Travel

Greenland Travel CSR | Our Corporate Social Responsibility 

When you choose to travel with Greenland Travel, you are guaranteed an experience of a lifetime. The wonders of the unspoilt nature await you along with the hospitable Greenlanders who are proud to show off their country. But in order for Greenland to remain one of the most amazing places on Earth, responsibility and consideration are required.

Greenland Travel has always acted in a socially responsible way and been protective of our surroundings. Now we wish to strengthen our efforts and to commit even further to build long-term and more formal relations with other players in Greenland – for the benefit of the Greenlandic society. 

Greenland Travel is the only Greenlandic-owned travel agency in Greenland – and, at the same time, we are the largest operator present in Nuuk, Sisimiut and Ilulissat. We are thus firmly rooted in Greenland, which is our motivation and incentive.

Our parent company, the Air Greenland Group, adopted the UN Global Compact in 2010 as the first Greenlandic company, and Air Greenland’s social responsibility policy covers not only Air Greenland, but also the group subsidiaries, including Greenland Travel. We are thus committed as a company to live up to the standards stated by the UN Global Compact. The Global Compact is comprehensive and embraces human rights, environmental responsibility, anti corruption etc.

We wish to make a difference

Greenland's population is approximately 56,000 people. Therefore, capable and committed citizens are needed to help societal development. Each and every citizen is important. We believe it is important to maintain and develop labour, competences and talent in Greenland. For that reason, we have chosen to focus on some areas in which we believe we are able to help make a difference.

1. Children and young people
2. Education 
3. Local purchasing

Children and young people

Greenland’s future, the children and young people, must grow up in safe surroundings in order to become committed citizens. We have therefore chosen to collaborate widely with the Greenlandic Children's Association. The association is working to improve the conditions for the children and young people in Greenland. Our collaboration includes donating money to some really great projects that make a difference, and they have already been launched. 


Greenland Travel wishes to contribute to the development and training of the young people in Greenland. Companies play a vital part in this connection. They contribute by offering apprenticeships and internships, thus ensuring that the young people obtain the necessary work experience. We wish to help ensure the necessary work experience and educational assistance for the youngsters. We have therefore stated a goal of always having at least one apprentice on staff. Moreover, we are doing everything we can to offer willing interns an internship. 

Furthermore, we wish to actively support initiatives that assist young people in choosing the right education and support them during their education. For that reason, we have earmarked a part of our money donation to the Greenlandic Children's Association's project called Sapiik, which aims to help the young people choose the right education.

Local purchasing

Because we are a part of the Air Greenland group, we enjoy the benefits of Air Greenland’s purchasing agreement, which ensures that our purchases live up to the requirements stated by the UN Global Compact. Moreover, we find it natural to use local collaborators and suppliers when possible. This way, we contribute not only economically to society but retain workplaces in the country and contribute to the retention and development of skilled labour.

For instance, we are working to place more and more of our marketing tasks in Greenland as well as to increase our advertising in Greenlandic media – not only to obtain more visibility, but also to contribute to the development of Greenlandic media. Other initiatives include purchasing clothes for our staff members locally and trying hard to place both large and small purchases in Greenland.

Do you need any help?

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