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Greenland spring | Facts about Greenland spring

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Spring in Greenland

In Greenland, May is spring. More or less at least. Sometimes, it almost seems as if you only have to blink your eyes and then you have missed the Greenlandic spring, as the transition from winter to summer is really short. 

Spring in Greenland
Photo: Ole J. Petersen - Visit Greenland

Everyone knows that there is a lot of winter snow in Greenland, and as the rays of the sun become hot enough, the snow is naturally transformed into water. Look forward to witnessing what water can do to snow. It creates the most remarkable and marvellous snow formations. The water melts bridges below the heaps of snow, trickling down the hillsides, and all the small cracks are transformed into small streams glistening in the light of the sun. 

The icicles, often about a metre long, hang from the roofs of the houses, and although the puddles may be a nuisance, it always life-affirming to see the children's joy of said puddles, as they jump around in them, screaming and spraying everywhere.

Only a few tourists visit Greenland in spring, which is actually quite a shame, as it can be an incredible time to visit. The days are already becoming much longer, but you can also still experience the northern lights, because the night sky is still dark.

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