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Greenland autumn | Facts about Greenland autumn

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Greenland Autumn | Facts about autumn in Greenland

Autumn in Greenland lasts a little longer than spring does, but not that much actually. The days begin shortening again, and temperatures drop. Just like in the rest of the world, the colours of autumn are really special. Red, yellow, brown and green colours tend to dominate the landscape – at least if you disregard the deep blue water of the fjords. In the morning, you can see the frost crystals adorn the bushes, and it even feels as if there is a special crispness in the air.

Reindeer in Greenland
Photo: Peter Christensen - Visit Greenland

In the summertime, the Greenlanders have been out catching their trout and salmon, and during autumn they have to stock up the rest of their freezer. Hunting season begins, and people flock to go hunting for reindeer and musk oxen – both of these large animals exist in large numbers in Greenland.

This is also the time when blueberries and crowberries ripen, and in the hills, you will see a lot of bums sticking straight up in the air, as people bend over to pick the berries growing close to the ground. Once the berries have been brought home, they are turned into marmalade or jam, but the fresh crowberries themselves taste excellent served with just a little milk.

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