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Facts about Greenland weather | Learn about the seasons in Greenland

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Facts about the weather in Greenland and seasons in Greenland

Seasons in Greenland are very diverse, and each season has its distinctive marks, but that which especially differentiates the seasons is the presence or absence of snow. Some activities and experiences are seasonal, such as dogsledding and witnessing the northern lights, which primarily take place during winter, whereas northern lights and whales are seen during summer.

And then there are the season in between: spring and autumn, which are often unfairly disregarded, as they really also offer many of the most popular experiences – and at a slightly lower price than during peak seasons.

Summer in Greenland – midnight sun, sailing and hiking

Summer in Greenland is characterised by long, bright and warm days with plenty of hiking options in the mountains, sailing on the fjords and generally spending your days outdoors being active. Summer months are June through August, but already from the end of May and for a large part of September you can experience an Arctic summer with midnight sun and long, bright days. 

Summer in Eastgreenland
Eastgreenland - Photo: Erwin Reinthaler

Winter in Greenland – dog sledding and northern lights

Winter in Greenland is almost synonymous with dogsledding. Days are short and intense, often clear and frosty with a beaming sun. Winter is also the time to visit if you want to experience the incredible northern lights in Greenland on the dark and clear winter nights. Winter months are December all through March. However, both dogsledding and the northern lights can already be experienced from the end of September and in November. Dogsledding depend on the snowfall, of course, while the northern lights appear as soon as the sky is dark enough.

Dogsledding in Greenland
Dogsledding in Greenland - Photo: Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Spring in Greenland – intense and anticipated

The transition from winter to summer in Greenland happens quickly. Therefore, spring is an intense period in Greenland where – day by day – you can see how the winter snow melts away, the days become longer, the nights brighter and everything begins to grow. It is a time of expectancy. Experiences are many and rich, and there is always an element of uncertainty – in a positive way. Some years, the snow melts at a slower rate, in which case you can be fortunate enough to ride a dogsled during a season that allows you to enjoy the wonderful experiences of summer too.

Spring in Greenland
Photo: Ole J. Petersen - Visit Greenland

Autumn in Greenland – wonderful colours and atmosphere

Autumn in Greenland is intense. Summer becomes winter in a short span of time, and you can actually be lucky enough to experience three seasons during autumn: the summer, which is ending with its long, bright days; beautiful autumn colours; and a dark sky providing the backdrop for northern lights. It has become very popular to visit Greenland in autumn because the experiences are varied. And as it is outside of the peak seasons, Greenland is even less crowded, and the prices are lower too while you will not have to compromise on the incredible experiences.

Reindeer in Greenland
Photo: Peter Christensen - Visit Greenland

Experiences and season

(Based on a stay in Disko Bay)

When to see what in Greenland

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