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Tasiilaq in Greenland

Tasiilaq is the principal town of East Greenland

Tasiilaq is the principal town of Eastern Greenland, and it is beautifully situated in a hollow surrounded by pointy mountains towering towards the sky. You will really notice how far away you are from the rest of the world when you travel around Eastern Greenland. The region has its own unique culture, and the language too differs from that spoken on the west coast.

Tasiilaq in Eastgreenland
Photo: Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

The town of Tasiilaq

The town of Tasiilaq itself only has about 2,000 citizens, and to describe the roads of the town, the word 'undulating' may be a bit of an understatement. Not many roads run straight and flat. Instead they will lead you up and down, but this is just nature at work, as the town is one of the most beautifully situated towns in Greenland. 

The town lies between a number of tremendous mountain peaks in a way, which – even in Greenland – is a rare sight. The mountains in Eastern Greenland are younger than those in Western Greenland hence their pointy and rugged exterior. And they are the first thing you will see each morning when you wake up in Tasiilaq – to the view of the peaks of Polheim's Mountain, the Priest Mountain, the Pyramid and the Sailor Mountain.

The harbour is always lively – just like you will see in other towns. This harbour is well protected from the elements, which is a big plus in an area with so much drift ice that ships are typically only able to enter in July through August/September. In summer, the town is buzzing with life, especially when the annual football championships take place. The loud cheers of the audience can even compete with the howling of the sled dogs.

Fish in Tasiilaq in Eastgreenland
Photo: Erwin Reinthaler

The Floral Valley behind Tasiilaq

In an area behind Tasiilaq, the Floral Valley spreads. This is not just some fancy name made up in order to attract people. Just like many other Greenlandic locations, it has been named according to its appearance. If you were to lay it on thick, you might as well call it the Paradise Valley. Summer in the Floral Valley is a spectacular profusion of flowers, and the valley lies at the foot of some of the most beautiful mountains in the area. A twisting torrent cuts through the valley, creating a number of beautiful waterfalls in the otherwise rather flat delta. If you want to explore the valley on your own, we recommend that you start at the Club and walk clockwise along the torrent. You will pass the solitary graveyard and be wonderfully surprised when you turn a corner in the valley and a waterfall appears in front of you with the Pyramid in the background. The beauty! Oh, the beauty! 

The Floral Valley in Tasiilaq in Eastgreenland
Photo: Erwin Reinthaler

The museum and culture

Tupilaqs from Eastern Greenland are much sought after, not only by tourists but also by the Greenlanders themselves. The Eastern Greenlanders really have skilled fingers. And in Tasiilaq, you can get a close look of these fingers at work when you visit the local workshop. In the middle of the town, you can also buy the beautifully processed items of bone, skin and tooth at Skæven, which doubles as a tourist office.

The museum in Tasiilaq is one of the most interesting in the country. Eastern Greenland was not discovered until the arrival of the Europeans in 1884, and thus Eastern Greenlandic culture still has strong ties to the original Inuit culture. The exhibition at the museum will make this evident to you.

Tupilak in Eastgreenland
Photo: Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Dog sledding in Tasiilaq

In these modern times where being unique is so essential, you have the opportunity to obtain something that not a lot of people own – a dogsled driver's license. In winter, the dogsleds are everywhere and might as well just learn to drive one on your own. The dogsleds in Eastern Greenland are somewhat different than those used in Western Greenland. On the east coast, they are longer and narrower than in the west, because the terrain here is more varied, and you will sometimes have to race across large air holes and packs in the ice. In those circumstances, the long and narrow sleds are much easier to control.

Dogsled in Tasiilaq in Eastgreenland
Photo: Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Sailing or hiking to Sermilik

Not far from Tassilaq, you will find the scenic Sermilik fjord, which is to Eastern Greenland what the Ilulissat Icefjord is to Western Greenland. Giant icebergs float from the many glaciers that calve ice into the fjord. The wow factor is incredibly high, and you are likely not to forget the sight of that fjord ever again. The village of Isortoq, near Tasiilaq and Sermilik, is often the point of departure when people head out sledding or skiing across the Ice Cap.

Tasiilaq is close to Kulusuk where planes can take you to either Nuuk or Iceland, making it surprisingly easy to get here. Do it. You will not regret it.

Sailing in Tasiilaq in Eastgreenland
Photo: Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

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