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South Greenland

How about a chilled glass of Chablis as you relax in a 38-degree warm spring while icebergs drift by in the nearby fjord? You will need to bring the Chablis yourself, but Uunartoq in Southern Greenland can provide the rest. 

Southern Greenland differs quite a lot from Northern Greenland. It was here that Erik the Red chose to drop anchor, because he was so impressed by the green hillsides facing him all along the coast. In summer, the area is spectacularly colourful, so despite the lack of sled dogs, you will be able to find plenty of experiences.

Nanortalik in Southgreenland
Photo: Anders Peter Amsnæs

Icebergs and green meadows in South Greenland

Green and blue go well together, which is very evident here in Southern Greenland where the icebergs take numerous shades of blue and white, complementing each other really well. Icebergs in Southern Greenland have a unique blue colour, because the ice is older than elsewhere in the country, and thereby contain less air. This is sheep-farming country, so you will see a lot of small, white and woollen creatures enjoying life to the full on the green hillsides.

Qassiarsuk in Southgreenland
Photo: Ruth Gundahl

The towns in South Greenland

Southern Greenland mostly appeals to those who want to enjoy the immense natural beauty, but town life can also be found in the region where towns are located more closely than elsewhere in Greenland. Narsarsuaq, Narsaq and Qaqortoq are located only half a hundred kilometres apart, which in Greenlandic terms barely resembles a few centimetres. In Qaqortoq and Narsaq, you have the opportunity to set out on some great hikes and still be home for supper. A bit further south, you can reach Nanortalik, whose pointy mountains offer ideal conditions for professional mountain climbers.

Narsaq in Southgreenland
Photo: Anders Peter Amsnæs

Hiking in South Greenland

Narsarsuaq is not really a town, more of a village, and it is the perfect basis for a small farm holiday – or, as it is called here, a sheep farm holiday. Experience the Ice Cap, or walk from village to village, or sheep farm to sheep farm, while your luggage is being carried for you. You can also take longer hikes, for instance from Qaqortoq to the old Northerners' village of Igaliku, or between the village of Qassiarsuk, where Erik the Red lived, and the town of Narsaq. Your options are endless down here, where the beautiful, long peninsulas offer the perfect settings for relaxation.

Hiking in Narsarsuaq in Southgreenland
Photo: David Buchmann - Visit Greenland

Hot springs in South Greenland

There are, of course, also the hot springs of Uunartoq, where you can relax in rather a unique way as described in the introduction above. 

Welcome to South Greenland and its colourful experiences!

Hot springs in Southgreenland
Photo: Ruth Gundahl

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