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Popular things to do in Greenland

Greenland offers an abundance of exciting and different experiences. You can go to Greenland in summer and experience the magical hue of the midnight sun above the UNESCO listed Icefjord. Or you can choose to go during winter and feel the rush as you race across the ice on a dogsled.

And then there are the seasons in between – spring and autumn. They hold many of the same popular experiences and at a slightly lower price than during peak seasons. Your options in Greenland are endless – but some experiences depend on the coldness and darkness of winter, while others depend on the milder and brighter summer.

Below is a taste of the most popular experiences in Greenland. Music by the Greenlandic band Nanook.

The most popular things to do in Greenland in film

Dog sledding in Greenland

To many people, Greenland is almost synonymous with dogsledding. And there is no better way to experience Greenland than riding a dogsled through the white landscape while the only sounds breaking the silence come from the panting dogs and the crackling snow. Dogsledding is for everyone, and you can go on two-hour rides or expeditions lasting several days.

Dogsledding in Greenland
Photo: Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Northern lights in Greenland

The northern lights are one of the most spectacular meteorological phenomena that exist and they are attached with a lot of legends and myths. One story goes that when the northern lights dance across the sky, it is because spirits are playing football with a walrus cranium. If you witness the northern lights yourself, you will understand the illusion and the ‘fear’ that have given birth to these legends. This gigantic – yet utterly soundless – colour play on the sky is almost a supernatural experience!

Northern lights in Greenland
Photo: Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

The midnight sun in Greenland

If you have not yet experienced the midnight sun set behind walls of ice, you are missing out on something essential in your life – according to those who have! And it is incredibly life-affirming to feel like a tiny person in a dream-like scenery of changing golden colours on the sky, the sea and the icebergs. You can experience the midnight sun north of the Arctic Circle during summer.

Midnightsun in Greenland
Photo: Leif Taurer - Visit Greenland

Whales in Greenland – experience the giants of the sea

A total of 15 species of whale can regularly be found in Greenlandic waters, and there are great chances of spotting them. In the summer months, it is usually the humpback whale, the minke whale and the fin whale, while three species spend winter in Greenland, namely the beluga, the narwhal and the Greenland right whale.

Whales in Greenland
Photo: Visit Greenland

The icebergs in Greenland – cold beauty in infinite amounts

The Ice Cap, icefjords, icebergs, pack ice and drift ice. Ice is a prevalent theme in Greenland, which is only to be expected. After all, 80% of Greenland is covered with ice all year round. At the same time, the ice is a fascinating aspect of Greenland – as it is so fabulously vast and possesses such diverse beauty: From the boundless expanses of ice surrounding you when you are standing on the Ice Cap to icebergs in magical midnight sun – not to forget the deafening cracks when the glaciers calve huge icebergs.

The Ice Cap in Greenland
Photo: Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Sailing with the coastal vessel – Greenland from the seaside

A journey on board the coastal vessel is a great combination of incredible natural and cultural experiences and all the best Greenland has to offer: Exceptional landscapes with mountains of both ice and rock – with a sprinkle of astonishing contrasts of modern town environments and tranquil village life.

Sailing with the coastal vessel in Greenland
Sarfaq Ittuk, the coastal vessel in Greenland - Photo: Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Experiences and season

(Based on a stay in Disko Bay)

When to see what in Greenland

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