Experience Inuit Culture in Greenland

Experience Inuit Culture in Greenland

Inuit Culture in Greenland

Greenland's historical roots are a mixture of different peoples' adaptation to life in the Arctic regions throughout centuries. A trip to Greenland will give you an insight into the Greenlandic culture and a warm and welcoming population that has lived in and of the Arctic nature for many centuries.

Experience Inuit Culture in Greenland

Some forms of traveling are more obvious than others if you want to experience the local culture close up. You should choose a longer travel period if you want time to immerse yourself in the local life. All our round trips and 8-day trips will give you a good opportunity to visit cities or villages and immerse yourself in Greenlandic culture.

Norse History in South Greenland

For those with a keen interest in Norse and Viking history, South Greenland is a destination you do not want to miss. Here you will find ruins and remains from the Norse. It is easy to travel around South Greenland as the towns are closely situated. You will get a lot of history and culture when you visit South Greenland.

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Sailing with the Coastal Ship

The coastal ship Sarfaq Ittuk sails along the Greenland west coast from spring to autumn. In winter, the only way to travel between cities is with planes and helicopters. The locals use the coastal ship to a big extent. People rejoice when the ship comes to the towns along the coast and the get to meet friends and family. If you are going to sail with the coastal ship, you will get close to the locals, see many cities along the way and, not least, have a nice nature experience and probably also see whales.

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Experience Life in Small Greenlandic Settlements

Wherever you are in Greenland, you will see that the traditional hunting culture lives side by side with modern society. However, especially in the smaller towns, you will be able to sense what it means to live a life adhering to nature in a small, isolated society. The sled dogs are ready for winter's coming, fish are dried on racks, and the fishing gear is always ready for fishing and hunting.

Dog Sledding in Greenland with A Local Musher

If you choose to drive a dog sled in Greenland, you will be met by a local musher who knows his dogs and the area in and out. Greenland is not a touristy place and, therefore, you will experience that you meet a real human being and not some guide who will take you on an excursion. The local mushers do not always speak any other languages but Greenlandic but, with short sentences and body language, just take that in as part of the experience.

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Coffee in Private Homes in Greenland

In several cities in Greenland, you can go for coffee at the house of a local family. It is an old Greenlandic tradition in which they have an "open house" and serve coffee and cake. Lots of cakes. As a traveler, it can be a great opportunity to talk to the local people and hear about life in Greenland and exchange experiences and, not least, laugh a lot.


Greenland's main religion is Protestant Christianity, and in all of the larger cities, you will find a church. There are services on Sundays and, if you are lucky, you may experience a confirmation, a baptism or a wedding. You can attend church at these events, but be sure to ask for permission if you want to take a photo.

Greenland's National Day June 21 

If you are in Greenland on June 21, you are in for a treat. Throughout Greenland, Greenlanders celebrate the National Day by dressing in the national costume, walking in parades and, in many places, there is a picnic with a Greenlandic buffet.