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Eqip Sermia
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The Eqi Glacier

Eqip Sermia, which is the Greenlandic name of the Eqi glacier, offers you an exclusive opportunity to witness an active glacier calve ice. Throughout the day, large and small chunks of ice break off at regular intervals.

The Eqi glacier is located 80 kilometres north of Ilulissat, and you can only get there by boat. The boat trip in itself is beautiful and will take you past the town of Oqaatsut/Rodebay and further up into the northern Disco Bay.

Calving Glacier in Greenland
Photo: Visit Greenland

The calving glacier

The Eqi glacier is one of the most active glaciers in Greenland, and your chances of seeing ice fall from the enormous glacier are really good. The Eqi glacier is not as large as Sermeq Kujalleq in the Icefjord, but it is more accessible, and you can get closer to it.

The glacier itself is approx. 5 kilometres wide, and it is an exceptional experience to be drifting in a boat in front of the glacier, waiting for chunks of ice to fall. When it happens, you will be fascinated by the deafening crash of the ice breaking off, followed by the huge splash when the ice hits the water. As you might know, the Ice Cap is made of snow, and when this snow is being pushed down by even more snow, it turns to ice. With time, the air, which naturally exists between the individual snowflakes, becomes air bubbles under pressure. So when the huge glacier calves, this air is released, causing explosive sounds. You can get the same experience, at a smaller scale though, if you put a piece of the Ice Cap in your drink.

Cabins by calving glacier in Greenland
Photo: Visit Greenland

Along the glacier on land

Near the Eqi glacier, you will find Glacier Lodge Eqi, where the boats often land. Many travellers choose to stay here and spend a night or two in order to get even closer to the ice. A hike of 4-5 hours from Glacier Lodge takes you to the edge of the moraine at the Eqi glacier. The hike is not difficult, but you must be prepared to cross a small torrent as well as do a short climb into the mountain to be able to reach the right vantage point to see the glacier from the edge of moraine. Once you are there, your light struggle will be rewarded with a breath-taking view across the gigantic glacier.

Glacier calving in Greenland
Photo: Visit Greenland

The Ice Cap

You can also embark on a little longer adventure and join a hike to the Ice Cap lasting 8-10 hours, allowing you to actually walk on the Ice Cap itself. You will not find this opportunity many other places. The icy landscape is quite enthralling, and you will be surprised by the glacial streams running on top of the ice and the beautiful chimneys coloured blue and turquoise. 

Sailing along calving glacier in Greenland
Photo: Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Sleep on the ice

Particularly tough travellers can even spend the night at our camp on the Ice Cap. When we write 'particularly tough', it is because spending the night on the ice is a very special experience. You do not have to be an ironman to be able to make the trip, but it is not a walk in the park either, as the hike has a total ascent of more than 1,000 metres. In return, you will earn an incredible experience – not a lot of people can say they have spent the night on the Ice Cap. People of all ages have taken this hike, so it is also an option for the active family, giving the kids something to tell their friends about back at school.

Guide to Glacier Lodge Eqi

Few places in Greenland are as beautiful as the Eqi glacier in the mouth of a fjord, ca. 80 km north of Ilulissat

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