Northern lights, Ice Cap and tundra safari (September - November 2015)

Weekend break at the Ice Cap

This is the perfect autumn weekend break! Enjoy and explore northern lights and the Ice Cap in Greenland! Grab a few extra days off and jump on the plane to Kangerlussuaq in Greenland - only a four-hour flight from Copenhagen Airport in Denmark.

In the area around Kangerlussuaq you will find a lot of amazing experiences: The puffy musk oxen, the longest fjord in West Greenland and the breathtaking mountains. Take a trip up on the ice cap - and look forward to an evening where the northern lights dance on the sky (Please note that seeing northern lights is best in October and November).

If you want to try dogsledding, you have to travel in January - April. Se the same tour in January - April  here  

What do other guests say?

Unforgettable experience!

M. Akale

Participant at this tour in 2011


I am still so happy about my participation on this tour. I had an unforgettable experience, and it became one of the best chapters of my life. Every day I am telling people about this fantastic tour to Greenland.

Travel itinerary

5 Days
  • 5 days at the Ice Cap
  • Choose excursions to fit your needs
  • Northern lights (Oct-Nov.), the Ice Cap, tundra safari
Level of difficulty:

“Big Arctic Five” - attractions

You can experience “Big Arctic Five” these attractions on this tour - Read more

  • WHALESSummer & Spring
  • dog sledgeDecember to April
  • IceAll year
  • Northern lightsOctober - March
  • CultureAll year

Itinerary - day by day

With English speaking tour guide
  • DAY 1: Copenhagen - Kangerlussuaq, welcome meeting, sightseeing

    Indlandsisen i Grønland ved Kangerlussuaq

    You fly from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq with Air Greenland, giving you 4 hours to prepare for your Greenland adventure. As the aircraft approaches Greenland, the sight of Nunataks and the enormous icy desert indicate what you have in store.

    Kangerlussuaq welcomes you with a blast of fresh coldness. A guide from our local tour office World of Greenland - Arctic Circle will meet you upon arrival and help you to check in at the cozy and newly renovated Polar Lodge, located less than 100 meters from the airport complex with the stunning scenery right on your doorstep - including the steep Mt. Hassel.

    After check-in, the guide arranges an information meeting where you will get further information about the exciting Kangerlussuaq area and its many excursion options. It is now time to experience the old American airbase on a guided tour by bus giving you insight into the area's fascinating history and nature.   

  • DAY 2: Explore Kangerlussuaq on your own or join excursions - maybe Ice Cap Point 660

    Indlandsisen i Grønland

    The area around Kangerlussuaq is the only inhabited place in Greenland’s inland. The climate is continental with very stable weather conditions. Orginally, this was also the main reason the Americans chose this place for their base. If you go for a walk in the area, there are still remnants to see from that time.

    The next days, you are on your own to do what you want. We recommend a trip to the Ice Cap Point 660, which gives you a unique opportunity to stand on top of ice that is many, many feet thick and very old!  

  • DAY 3: Explore Kangerlussuaq on your own or join excursions – maybe tundra safari and northern lights
    Nordlys i Grønland

    Another day with many opportunities.  We recommend a tundra and wildlife tour. Kangerlusssuaq has incredibly beautiful nature and is home to the massive musk oxen. We will drive through the stunning tundra landscape in our four-wheel driven truck, and the guide will fill us in on the varied wildlife in this area. Maybe we will get the chance to spot musk oxen and learn more about these incredible creatures.

    The musk ox lives wildly in the area around Kangerlussuaq. It is impossible to predict whether we can get close to musk oxen or simply look at them from a distance. But the guide always brings binoculars, so there is a very good chance of seeing these amazing animals and other wildlife in the area. Do not miss out on this exciting opportunity to explore the stunning nature and wildlife around Kangerlussuaq.

    If you travel in October or November, you must embrace the opportunity to witness the northern lights. Kangerlussuaq is one of the best places to see northern lights in Greenland because of a very stable climate. We drive away from the base into the dark night and await the stunning sight of nature's own light show. To see the fluttering curtain of light in various shades of green is an unforgettable sight and will give you an even heavier luggage of grand impressions.   

  • DAY 4: Explore Kangerlussuaq on your own or join excursions – maybe the Russell Glacier
    Russel Gletsjer

    Many participants over the years have had great experiences at the Russell Glacier. On a tour to the Russell Glacier, you get to experience the spectacular Russell Glacier, which is an impressive sight with its vertical wall of ice rising up to 60 metres. You may also be lucky enough to spot musk oxen, reindeer or even a hare roaming in the hills.  

    If you travel in May, you can go on a sightseeing flight around Kangerlussuaq and over the Ice Cap. We fly up through Sandflugtdalen valley, passing the distinctive mountain Sugar Loaf on our way towards the Russell and Leverett glaciers. From there we head over the Ice Cap where we fly across Navigator's Rock, a steep cliff surrounded by the Ice Cap and see how the giant sheet of ice is pressed against the mountain.

    We continue on through the desert valley in the direction of the Garnet Mountain where there are good chances of spotting musk oxen, until we finally arrive back in Kangerlussuaq.

    We fly in a comfortable 2-engine Partenavia with room for 5 passengers. All seats are window seats including individual headsets with built-in noise reduction.   

  • DAY 5: Return to Denmark

    Inland Ice cap in Greenland

    Your Greenland adventure has come to an end – for now at least. The Airbus is waiting to take you back to Copenhagen with arrival 4-4.5 hours later.   

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Price per person from:

5.995 DKK

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Departure dates

  • Thu 10. September 2015

  • Thu 17. September 2015

  • Thu 24. September 2015

  • Thu 1. October 2015

  • Thu 8. October 2015

  • Thu 15. October 2015

  • Thu 29. October 2015

  • Thu 5. November 2015

  • Thu 12. November 2015

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On this trip you stay either at Polar Lodge or Old Camp.

Polar Lodge

Polar Lodge is the newest accommodation option in Kangerlussuaq, designed in 2006. The rooms are spacious, tastefully decorated with new and comfortable beds. Bed linen and towels are included. Bathrooms and toilets are in the corridor. Polar Lodge has a cozy dining and living room, where breakfast is served, and a modern kitchen where you can cook your food. Polar Lodge is as central as possible, right beside the airport building and the only supermarket in town.

polar lodge kangerlussuaq Polar Lodge Kangerlussuaq Grønland Polar Lodge Kangerlussuaq Grønland

Old Camp

Old Camp is located in the old officers barracks, which today has been transformed into a classic hostel with a wonderful view of Kangerlussuaq. The hostel has a TV room, shared facilities, souvenir shop and a book shop. Neat, clean rooms and toilet and shower in the hallway. Bed linen and towels are included. Breakfast is served in the lounge each morning.

Old Camp i Kangerlussuaq Grønland Old Camp i Kangerlussuaq Grønland Old Camp i Kangerlussuaq Grønland

  • From: 5.995 kr. / pr. person

    September/November, Double room

  • From: 6.995 kr. / pr. person

    September/November, Single room

  • From: 6.195 kr. / pr. person

    October, Double room

  • From: 7.195 kr. / pr. person

    October, Single room

Flight and transportation included

  • Flight Copenhagen - Kangerlussuaq r/t with Air Greenland (See flight schedules below)

Accommodation included

  • 4 nights at Polar Lodge or Old Camp with shared bath/toilet

Meals included

  • Breakfast

Other included

  • Welcome meeting*
  • Sightseeing*
  • All taxes

*Local tour guides are english speaking

Guaranteed departure

Flight schedules (Local time)

Departure Kastrup Airport 09.00 - arrival Kangerlussuaq 09.40 (Flight no. GL781)
Departure Kangerlussuaq 11.40 - arrival Kastrup Airport 20.00 (Flight no. GL782)

Please note that the airline can change departure times.

On board Air Greenland (Copenhagen – Kangerlussuaq) luggage, a meal, drinks and coffee/tea is always included.

Add ons

Excursion Package September

Adult DKK 1,495 / per person
Child DKK 950 / per person

  • Ice Cap Point 660
  • Russel Glacier
  • Tundra Safari

Excursion Package

Adult DKK 1,880 / per person
Child DKK 1,175 / per person

  • Ice Cap Point 660
  • Russel Glacier
  • Northern lights in Kangerlussuaq
  • Tundra Safari

Purchasing excursion packages
Excursion packages can be purchased with Greenland Travel prior to departure. We will then make sure that all excursions are booked when you arrive and that they do not conflict with the itinerary of your trip.

If you purchase excursion packages while ordering your trip, you will not be charged an additional handling fee. If you purchase excursion packages at a later time, a handling fee of DKK 200 will be charged. Excursion packages must be purchased no later than 10 weeks prior to departure.

If you do not wish to purchase the full excursion package, the individual excursions can be booked directly with our local partners: and You can, of course, also book the excursions after arriving in Greenland, but we recommend that you book the most important ones in advance.

Regardless of how you choose to book your excursions, there is no price difference. If an excursion is cancelled, a full refund will be issued.

Please note that some excursions can be reliant on a minimum number of participants. We will do our best to find an alternative. If this fails, you will get a refund for the excursion in question.

Full board package (is ordered at the welcome meeting after arrival)
Adult DKK 1,210 / per person
Child DKK 600 / per person

  • 3 x lunch (lunch package/sandwich - handy for the excursions
  • 4 x dinner in Restaurant Rowing Club including one night with Greenlandic buffet
  • The restaurant is located approx. 4 kilometers outside Kangerlussuaq next to a lake.
  • Transport to/from the restaurant is also included.

Other info
Sunrise and sunset in Greenland

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Price per person from:

5.995 DKK

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Departure dates

  • Thu 10. September 2015

  • Thu 17. September 2015

  • Thu 24. September 2015

  • Thu 1. October 2015

  • Thu 8. October 2015

  • Thu 15. October 2015

  • Thu 29. October 2015

  • Thu 5. November 2015

  • Thu 12. November 2015