Two popular places in 8 days - Inland Ice Cap and UNESCO icefiord

Bestseller: Summer, Sun and Huge Icebergs (Hotel and hostel)

Get close to the Inland Ice Cap and UNESCO site Ilulissat icefiord with the famous and very huge icebergs – all of it in the magical glow of the midnight sun.

A trip to Greenland is an experience entirely on the nature’s terms and on this 8 day visit you get a close up encounter with the nature: Ice cap and glaciers in Kangerlussuaq and ice and more ice in Ilulissat beautifully accompanied by Greenland’s unique culture and traditional life style in contrast to the influence of the modern way of life.

The contrasts in Greenland are coming to their right during the summer months. Strong sunlight is replaced by foggy mist. Brown mountains with hints of green are fighting a brave battle against icebergs in shades ranging from pale to turquoise. Deserted, pristine areas right next to the towns with the characteristic houses in bright colors. The light is also unique. And with the midnight sun's soft glow around the clock the forces of nature come very close! 

What do other guests say?

You have to see Greenland!

F. Hartvig Pedersen

Participant at "Summer, Sun and Huge Icebergs", 2013


It was an amazing tour. Greenland and the destinations are indescribable - you have to see them yourself. The guides made us feel very safe, they were always there for us and they knew a lot about their job - and they liked it! Everything was under control, and the hotel (Icefjord) was "spot on".

Travel itinerary

  • 1 night in Kangerlussuaq by the Inland Ice Cap
  • 6 nights in Ilulissat by the UNESCO Icefiord
Level of difficulty:

“Big Arctic Five” - attractions

You can experience “Big Arctic Five” these attractions on this tour - Read more

  • WHALESSummer & Spring
  • dog sledgeDecember to April
  • IceAll year
  • Northern lightsOctober - March only
  • CultureAll year

Itinerary - day for day

With English speaking tour guide
  • DAY 1: Copenhagen – Kangerlussuaq, welcome meeting and excursion to the Ice Cap

    Indlandsisen i Grønland ved Kangerlussuaq

    Air Greenland flies from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq and gives you 4 hours to prepare yourself for a world of its own. During the flight you can enjoy a meal, a movie as well as the first sight of nunataks and the ice cap.

    Upon arrival you are welcomed by a guide from the our local partner who will help you to check in at Polar Lodge. A cosy and newly renovated accommodation right in the heart of Kangerlussuaq and only a glance from the fascinating nature. At the following information meeting the guide tells you about the area and the many excursions available.

    Kangerlussuaq is beautifully situated between soft hills and close to the ice cap. It is the only place in Greenland where you can experience both reindeer and musk oxen. Kangerlussuaq is also the perfect place to see and step up on the legendary ice cap which covers 82% of Greenland. Join a guided trip to the Ice Cap and see it for yourself.
  • DAY 2: Flight Kangerlussuaq – Ilulissat, check in and City walk

    Ilulissat i Grønland

    The trip continues with flight to Ilulissat. Ilulissat means icebergs which needs no further explanation once you see the beautiful ice fjord and the numerous icebergs floating majestically around out in the fjord with an almost magical light and the reflections from the sun.

    Upon arrival you are transferred to Hotel Icefiord amazingly situated with a view over the famous ice fjord. Even the most experienced traveller is blown away at this unique sight. At the following information meeting a guide from World of Greenland will inform you about Ilulissat and the wide range of excursions. You are now prepared for the next couple of days filled with adventures.

    If you bought the excursion package:

    Cultural City Walk
    People might say: “ We can take a walk around the town on our own.” Yes, you probably can, but with the culture-historical walk you will get an enhanced understanding of the Greenlandic culture and history, which will give the other experiences in Greenland a new perspective.

    Ilulissat – Jakobshavn - was founded in 1741 and it is today the third biggest town in Greenland with over 4500 inhabitants. The guide will tell you about the history of the city, the Greenlandic culture and the modern life 300 km north of the Arctic Circle.
    We will visit the fishermen at the harbour and the hunters at their trading post “Brædtet”. We will show you the church and the house where the famous explorer Knud Rasmussen was born.

    Duration:2 hours

  • DAY 3: Adventures in and around Ilulissat - hike to settlement

    Vandring til boplads

    Ilulissat is located at the mouth of the 60 kilometre long and world famous ice fjord Kangia, which in 2004 was included on UNESCO’s world heritage list. The ice is enthralling and can be experienced out on the sea, on land and from the air.

    The hometown of the explorer Knud Rasmussen offers many exciting experiences no matter if you want to do hiking trips in the hills or merely enjoy the cosy atmosphere in the town on your own or on guided excursions.

    The tourist office World of Greenland – with office right in the centre of Ilulissat – covers the entire spectrum and invites you to experience the town’s ideal mix of authentic Inuit culture and a modern society and its strong connection with the fascinating nature.

    If you bought the excursion package:

    Hike to the old settlement at the Icefiord
    Beautiful Icebergs are the setting for the old settlement of the Sermermiut 1½ kilometers south of Ilulissat. For 4000 years, different Inuit cultures lived in the settlement and today, you can still see the relics which indicate their presence.

    Hear the story about the Inuit people’s life and traditions before the Europeans came to Greenland, see the ruins and touch the permafrost with your own hands. On this hike we will pass “kællingekløften” where you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Icefiord, before heading back again.

    During the hike, there will be time to talk about flora, fauna, geoplogy and not least the story behind the omnipresent ice.

  • DAY 4: Adventures in and around Ilulissat - By boat to the Eqi glacier

    Eqi gletscheren i Grønland

    Only few places in Greenland are as beautiful as the Eqi Glacier, which ends in the fiord 80 kilometres north of Ilulissat. It is possible by boat to get very close to the glacier and experience huge pieces of ice breaking off. The sounds are enormous and the sight of the icebergs, crashing into the water, is breathtaking.

    If you bought the excursion package:

    Daytour to Eqip Sermia - the calving glacier
    We sail in modern and convenient boats at the excursion to Eqi. The route goes north along the coast passing Bredebugt, the settlement of Oqaatsut and the big fiord system called Pakitsoq, where whales and seals often are seen. Further on through the Ataa Strait, which is surrounded by steepmountains with bird life and waterfalls. Our ice secured boats lie approximately 2 hours in front of the glacier and wait for the ice to calve, while a delicious lunch is served. An all-day excursion, where you will have a good opportunity to be immersed in the experience and the boat trip in the ice filled water.
    Duration:6-12 hours

    Please notice:
    The length of the boat trip to and from the glacier can last between 2 - 5 hours each way. It depends on the boat used the given day. The stop in front of the glacier lasts approximately 2 hours.

    If you bought the excursion package de luxe:

    Boat trip to Glacier Lodge Eqi/Standard hut 1 night
    The transportation to and from Glacier Lodge Eqi is by boat, which an excursion by it self. We sail in modern and convenient boats at the excursion to Eqi. The route goes north along the coast passing Bredebugt, the settlement of Oqaatsut and the big fiord system called Pakitsoq, where whales and seals often are seen. Further on through the Ataa Strait, which is surrounded by steep mountains with bird life and waterfalls. Our ice secured boats lie approximately 2 hours in front of the glacier and wait for the ice to calve, while a delicious lunch is served.

    At approximately 2 pm. the boat will arrive at Port Victor. Port Victor is the ”harbour” at Glacier Lodge Eqi. Only the ones that are staying in Glacier Lodge Eqi go on land, the rest stays on the boat. On land the camp guides will greet and show everybody their huts. Coffee and cake is served and practical information on the area is given. The rest of the day could be spent by joining the excursion “hike to the lagoon, the moraine and the glacier” or enjoying the view from the huts.

    The price includes breakfast in Cafe Victor. In the café it is also possible to buy beverages such as soft drinks, beer and wine or sweets. It is possible to buy dinner and lunch in Café Victor or a sandwich for your morning hike.

    On the return day departure from Port Victor is approximately 14:15. The boat trip to Ilulissat goes by the same route. Coffee/tea and cake is served in the late afternoon. Seals and whales are often spotted on the way.

    Duration:1 day 12 hours

  • DAY 5: Adventures in and around Ilulissat

    Zionskirken i Ilulissat

    On your own in Ilulissat. If you bought the Excursion Package de luxe you are still in Glacier Lodge Eqi. If not, you can spend the day on a stroll in the city and feel the atmosphere - or you can just sit and look at the Icefiord, a view you will never forget!

  • DAY 6: Adventures in and around Ilulissat - Whale sfari – Surroundet by Icebergs in the Discobay

    Hval i Grønland

    Today you are going on a whale safari if you bought the excursion package:

    It is a great experience to get real close to large animals like whales.

    There 15 kinds of whales in Greenland; three of these stay in Greenland during the winter, the narwhals, the beluga and the bow-head whale (also known as the Greenland right whale). The blue whale and the killer whale are only rarely seen.

    During the summer it is normally the humpback, the common minke whale and the fin whale, we see. The whales swim the entire Disco Bay during the summer; sometimes close to the town, sometimes in the ice fiord or up north by the island, Arveprinsens Ejland.

    We are in constantly radio contact, between the fishermen and the hunters, is our source of information about the whales and their whereabouts. The humpback with its characteristic fin, is the one we see most of the time.

    The boat trip takes 4 hours and we use the fast boat Targa to cover more grounds.

  • DAY 7: Adventures in and around Ilulissat - Midnight sailing among the icebergs

    Sejlads ved Isfjorden i Grønland

    A day on your own in Ilulissat.

    If you bought the excursion package:

    Evening/Midnight sailing among the icebergs
    The midnight/evening sun gives the icebergs a unique play of colours that people return to experience again and again. Midnight sun in Ilulissat lasts from May 21st to July 24th.

    Sailing during the night with the sun still shining is a fantastic and unusual experience. Almost every visitor in Ilulissat chooses to try this boat trip among the icebergs at least once. During the year, more than 46 km3 of ice flows into the fiord. The result is gigantic icebergs, which can be more than 100 metres on each side and with a height on more than 100 metres above the water surface. These giants strand at the end of the fiord, and that gives a good opportunity to sail among them.

    The icebergs are beautiful every kind of weather; in the sunshine the contrasts are very clear, the blue shades are very beautiful, when it is cloudy and the midnight sun casts a unique glow on the icebergs during the night. The boat trip at bright night is definitely an extraordinary experience.

    An exceptional experience, you do not want to be without, while visiting Ilulissat. Remember to bring warm clothes or you can rent suit of sealskin.

    Duration:2½ hours

  • DAY 8: Ilulissat-Kangerlussuaq-Copenhagen

    Midnatssol i Grønland

    With a last view over the ice fjord and the captivating icebergs the flight takes you back to Kangerlussuaq and onwards to Copenhagen with arrival in the evening.

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1 night at Polar Lodge

Polar Lodge is the newest accommodation option in Kangerlussuaq, designed in 2006. The rooms are spacious, tastefully decorated with new and comfortable beds. Bed linen and towels are included. Bathrooms and toilets are in the corridor. Polar Lodge has a cozy dining and living room, where breakfast is served, and a modern kitchen where you can cook your food. Polar Lodge is as central as possible, right beside the airport building and the only supermarket in town.

polar lodge kangerlussuaq Polar Lodge Kangerlussuaq Grønland Polar Lodge Kangerlussuaq Grønland

6 nights at Hotel Icefiord in Ilulissat

Hotel Icefiord is centrally located in Ilulisat, approx. 1 km from the city center. Common feature is that there is lavished on detail - all rooms are decorated in a simple style with the Greenlandic nature and culture as inspiration. There are stunning views to the bay from all rooms. Separate shower and toilet, wifi and TV in all rooms

Standard room
Standard rooms are at the ground floor all with views of Disko Bay. All rooms are furnished with two single beds. Two of the standard rooms have kitchenette along with en suite opportunity to an adjacent room. Hence, they are perfect for families.

Standard plus room
Standard plus rooms are located on the 1st floor and they all have balcony doors facing Disko Bay. The rooms can be booked with either two single beds or a double bed.

Hotel Icefiord i Grønland Hotel Icefiord i Grønland Hotel Icefiord i Grønland

  • From: 16.995 kr. / pr. person

    Double room standard

  • From: 17.610 kr. / pr. person

    Double room standard plus

  • From: 20.445 kr. / pr. person

    Single room standard

  • From: 21.285 kr. / pr. person

    Single room standard plus

  • From: 12.995 kr. / pr. person

    Child (2-11) in double room standard

  • From: 13.610 kr. / pr. person

    Child (2-11) in double room standard plus

Flights and transportation included

  • Flight Copenhagen - Kangerlussuaq r/t
  • Flight Kangerlussuaq - Ilulissat r/t
  • Transfers

Accomodation included

  • 1 night at Polar Lodge
  • 6 nights at Hotel Icefiord

Meals included

  • Breakfast

Other included

  • Information meetings
  • All taxes and handling fees

Guaranteed departure!

Add ons

Prices for excursions packages
Standard, adult; 4.565 DKK
Standard, child (2-11)  2,350 DKK
De luxe, adult 5,550 DKK
De luxe, adult in single room 6,400 DKK
De luxe, child (2-11) 3,285 DKK

Excursion package standard:

  • Tour to the Ice Cap
  • City tour in Ilulissat
  • Hike to Sermermiut
  • Midnight cruise to the Ice Fiord
  • Whale safari
  • Boat tour (whole day) to Eqi

Excursion package de luxe:

  • Same as in standard package 
  • 1 night accommodation in standard hut in Ice Camp Eqi (no need to check out at your hotel)

Please note: For booking Excursion Package De luxe call us or write after you have made your tour booking. 

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Sunrise and sunset in Greenland

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