Tailor-made holidays


Many people ask us if they should choose a package tour or individually tailored tours (FIT). There are good reasons for both choices - primarily, we recommend the complete package tour:

Ready-made package tours are the best option
Greenland Travel has 29 years' in-depth knowledge of the experiences available in Greenland, and we have packaged the best of them into our numerous tours, both the individual package tours and the group tours headed by a travel guide.  When you choose a package tour, you will always be guaranteed the best value for money with regards both experiences and standards in travel and accommodation.

The tailor-made holiday
Should you have any special wishes that are not a part of our package tours, we can help you piece together a unique trip just for you. We would be delighted to help you with this for the towns of Ilulissat, Kangerlussuaq, Narsarsuaq, Tasiilaq, Sisimiut and Nuuk and the surrounding settlements. These areas are the best choice for Greenland visitors, and our cruise along the west coast can help add to the travel experience.

Should you have any other wishes geographically, or if you have a specific activity that you wish to do, such as hunting, angling, heli-skiing etc. we would be delighted to help you, although we may have to decline if your wishes go beyond our specific areas of expertise. In this instance we would naturally refer you to colleagues who would be better placed to help you. In some instances we may require a service fee, if the task is particularly specialised and time-consuming. You would then be notified as the customer before we start the task.

Please note that the individual package tour always requires additional work from our travel consultants, and there is no group discount available on the accommodation and experiences, so this may be a slightly more expensive option than the ready-made package tour with the same content.

A little bit about Greenland and what to do

Geographically Greenland is the world’s biggest island, and is inhabited on a coastline that stretches over several thousand kilometres. It is why the country offers so many places to visit and so many amazing experiences to discover.

Despite the lengthy distances between the towns, there are many similarities. Wherever you are in Greenland you will discover the same Inuit-cultural experiences, the same animal life in water and on land, including the mosquitos, and the dance of the northern lights in the winter sky.

The Ice
In the east, north and south you will find endless stretches of ice. The sea ice is the large ice that drifts along the east coast and westwards up to Paamiut, and then there are of course the icebergs, which breed from hundreds of glaciers that descend from the Ice Sheet. However, the towns of Nuuk, Sisimiut and Paamiut have no icebergs.

Dog sledding and midnight sun
North of the polar circle you will find the midnight sun and polar nights. This is home to the “closed water towns” (ice covered sea) in winter, sled dogs and a fabulous, arctic and polar climate. The exception is Tasiilaq in the east, which lies south of the polar circle, but which also has dog sleds.

Green mountains, sheep and Norse settlements
In the south, you will find an altogether milder and greener Greenland. This is home to arctic agriculture and small low forests. It is an area that lured both Vikings and Thule to settle here, and it is rich in relics from both cultures.

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