East Greenland - beautiful, remote and unspoiled


East Greenland is for the curious traveller
East Greenland is said to be one of the most beautiful places in Greenland. People who have travelled the world and then visited East Greenland say it is among, and perhaps, the most beautiful spot on earth. East Greenland offers unique experiences to the curious traveler all year, both in summer as well as in winter. If you want to walk in the foot steps of no one East Greenland is the place!

Without no doubt East Greenland is by far one of the remote and unspoiled places in Greenland. Very few people life in East Greenland and those few people are spread over a very large area. East Greenland was one of the latest places in Greenland to become colonized and thus East Greenland has been without influence from European cultures longer than West Greenland.

Typically you reach East Greenland from Iceland. From Reykjavik you fly to Kulusuk and from there most people continue with helicopter to the beautiful city of Tasiilaq, also known as Angmassalik (Ammassalik). From the city, or village, there is a stunning view over the Ammassalik fiord.

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