When to go to Greenland*- seasons

When to go to Greenland
- seasons

Seasons in Greenland

The seasons in Greenland vary a lot, and each season has its own distinctive character. Moreover, some activities depend on the time of year. Therefore, we recommend that you do a little research on options available in the different seasons. If you are going to Nuuk, make sure to bring your bikini or speedos at any time of the year. Here, you will find one of the most beautiful and most beautifully situated baths. But you should not visit Ilulissat during summer if you want to go on a dogsled ride, as there is no snow at this time of year.

The summer months are the most popular in Greenland due to the long, bright days powered by the midnight sun. Winter offers two very popular experiences in particular: the northern lights and dogsled riding. In recent years, both spring and autumn have become popular months to visit Greenland as well, because they, too, have a lot to offer.

Guide to Greenland

In this guide, we introduce you to the best of Greenland and give you some useufl practical tips on choosing a tour to Greenland.

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