Stay in a small settlement in Greenland


Greenland is the world’s largest island; however Greenland has only 55,000 inhabitants spread all over this big and beautiful island. Many of these people prefer to live in smaller settlements with 30 – 200 inhabitants. These small settlements are often found in beautiful settings close to sea. Some of these lie in the middle of the ocean on cliffs close to the coast while others are spread along the coast line where the locals can both go fishing and hunting.

As a tourist you can actually experience how life is in one of these settlements
You can choose one nights stay or you can try our settlement tour where we stay 6 days in the beautiful settlement Saqqaq. We spend the nights in “Hannibal’s House” – a large red house situated at the coast with a breathtaking view to huge icebergs, Disco Island and the fiord.

A stay in a Greenlandic settlement is perhaps one of the most authentic travel experiences in your life time. If you are ready to settle down for a while, forget about the time and just enjoy life in Greenland this is a one in a life time experience.

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