Popular experiences
in Greenland

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Popular experiences in Greenland

There are a lot of interesting things to try out in Greenland. You might want to stroll hand in hand with your chosen one in the golden hue of the midnight sun, fight with mosquitos over the best vantage points for taking in the Icefjord or dive into the sea near Sisimiut. Perhaps you want to try paragliding or mountain climbing. Your options in Greenland are endless, but our 30 years of experience have enabled us to highlight five things in particular that thrill people so much they are happy to travel far to experience them. Read more about these five experiences in the right-hand menu.

If you are tempted by other things, you can send us an email at any time to enquire more information, or use the search functionality of this website.

Big Arctic Five in Greenland

This guide is an introduction to “The Big Arctic Five” in Greenland, the most popular experiences in Greenland, when and how to experience them.

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