Dogsledding in Greenland


Dogsledding in Greenland – from one hour tours to mini expeditions
If you truly are in for a authentic winter experience in Greenland you should try dog sledding. Dog sledding was for many years the only way of transportation during winter – and today dog sledding is still an important part of winter life in Greenland.

Dog sledding is a great way to travel – you can go places where other ways of transportation have to give up – and the silence is overwhelming.

Greenland Travel offers packages where you can choose between shorter dog sledge tours from one hour and up to adventurous mini expeditions for several days where you camp on the way. The experience is great whether you choose short or longer tours. For those with bag issues we recommend short tours, preferably on flat landscape.

Dog sledding in Greenland

How cold is it?
Sitting on a dog sledge for hours can be a cold experience, however with the right clothing, you can stay warm. We recommend that you rent seal skin clothing and warm boots for you dog sledge tour. Beneath the seal skin you should wear long woollen thick underwear, warm gloves and a warm hut and wool socks.

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