Kangerlssuaq in Greenland - gateway to the Inland Ice Cap


Kangerlussuaq is the main gateway to Greenland with daily flight connections. It is situated north of the Arctic Circle and is one of the few towns in the inland of Greenland. Only 30 km from Kangerlussuaq, you reach the world's largest glacier, the Inland Ice Cap.

Kangerlussuaq - former Sondre Strom Airbase
In 1941 during World War II, Kangerlussaq was established as an American military base and for years the American military was present. During these years the base, Bluie West Eight, was home to 1,400 people. In 1992, the base was sold to the Greenland Home Rule for the price of 1 dollar. All the buildings from the military period still stand and are still in use. Kangerlussuaq has both an indoor swimming pool and a bowling arena – something you do not find anywhere else in Greenland.

Today the town is a mix of airport, former military buildings and the well-known coloured houses, typical of Greenland. Nature is the main attraction; however you can also enjoy a visit to the local museum and learn about the fascinating story of the town and Ice Cap expeditions.

Activities all year
Kangerlussuaq offers great activities and nature experiences in both summer and winter, and it is by far the best place in Greenland to get close to the Inland Ice Cap. As Kangerlussuaq is the main gateway with international flights you can get great Greenland holidays at a good price.
Whether you want to hike, drive or perhaps even sleep on the Ice Cap - Greenland Travel offers you great packages all year.

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